Younique Review: Find Out Who You Really Are

My first impression in reviewing a book called Younique? Cool title! (Nice job, Mr Jayson Lo)


We are all social creatures. We talk, text, call, email and page (oops! hindi na pala uso ito) day in and day out. But don’t you find it easier to communicate with some people compared to others?

This books explores the reason why we get along with some, get rubbed the wrong way by others and how we can actually deal with everyone the right way. It’s a pretty good proposition really, but I had no idea how it plans to achieve it.

Apparently, he had help from an eagle, rooster, carabao and a tarsier.

Younique Jayson Lo

Puzzled? Can’t blame you.

Welcome to the zoo.



Younique starts off with something we all hate while studying – a test!
This time though, there’s no right or wrong answer (woohoo!) plus you’ll find out more about yourself. It’s really an easy questionnaire that’ll take you no longer than 10 mins to finish, and it’s multiple choice (whew!). This will allow you to find out if you’re a:

Dominant Eagle

Influential Rooster

Steady Carabao

Corrective Tarsier

This part is quite fun, I wish this feature (the test) was more prominently featured on the cover of the book. People like taking ridiculous tests online anyway (i.e. What Harry Potter character are you? etc.). At least with this test, you’ll actually got to learn something useful (instead of finding out you’re Hermione Granger).

So what did I get? I’ll tell you the results of my test in a little bit.

Psychology book that reads like a Story

I’m fascinated by books that peek into our quirks as people. Books such as Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely and Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath. Younique is in the same mold only simpler and easier to read.

The book is filled with tons of anecdotes. One of my favorite was one were the author was describing his influential rooster mom, whose strong trait is being very positive. Here is an excerpt:

“When she (mother) was rushed to the hospital for another complication, I arrived at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to spend time with her… I started rubbing her forehead to ease her pain. After about five minutes, my mom stopped me. She probably didn’t want to inconvenience me, but said it in Influential Rooster fashion: “Anak, huwag mo na lang masahihin ang ulo ko. Ang gaspang kasi nang kamay mo.” (“Son, please don’t massage my forehead, your hand is too rough.”)

I got a good laugh from this one! The book uses these sort of stories to relate the different kinds of personalities out there and for you to find out where you fit.

I find myself mindlessly nodding or stunned by how some of the traits hits the bull’s eye for me.

My Personality Trait is… Steady Carabao / Corrective Tarsier

Younique Animals Working

Some of the qualities that are attributed to these traits are task-oriented, deliberate and likes being of service to others. Of course, there are areas where I can improve on like being more spontaneous, treat change like a friend and be more flexible.

The book helps us understand that at our core, we are who we are and we must make the most out of our strengths. At the same time, we must understand that majority of the people around us have a different set of personality and through understanding ourselves and increasing our knowledge of the different needs and tendencies of the other personalities, we can build better relationships and create clearer lines of communications.

My Own Quirky Test

Now I don’t remember if this was mentioned in the book, but one time while sitting around, I had my sister take the test… and rate me. It’s funny how people see us differently. When my sister took it, I still came out as a equal parts – Steady Carabao / Corrective Tarsier  but I was also equal part — DOMINANT EAGLE.

That came as a surprise. It’s probably because she is my younger sister and my role as the eldest sibling plays a big part in that. This topic was also touched in the book. Where even if we have our core personalities, we do tend to wear different hats depending on the situation. Hence even someone usually shy in person could become confident and convincing on stage because his role requires it.

I highly recommend it not just for the fun but to know how other people perceive you and understand why they treat you the way they do.


This book is a great fit for…


1. Leaders / Supervisors – People are the biggest asset in any organization. The more you know how to make your people tick, the smoother and stress-free your life is going to be in managing them and get the most out of their potential.


2. Anyone working in a group – Virtually everyone has to deal with working with other people. There’s pretty much no exception to this. That’s why learning the different tendencies of people will help you in approaching them the proper way. It also helps avoid misunderstanding, someone may appear “snobbish” but in reality he loves hearing your stories but just isn’t comfortable in a group setting yet is a great conversationalist one-on-one.



 Younique 3rd Printing

Younique is available at National Bookstore or you can order it directly from the author’s site 


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    hgello Mr. Jayson I hope you find time to answer my question. It so happened that I got 2 equal total for the DISC result. How would I know which is which? Thanks

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