Truly Rich Club Results: My 28.64% return in 20 months from BDO

Christmas is a little over a month away as of this writing – but I got my Christmas present early!

It happened when I saw this e-mail from Bro. Bo Sanchez last Nov 17, 2014.

Truly Rich Club - BDO Sell Alert November 18, 2014

Truly Rich Club – BDO Sell Alert November 17, 2014

What did this mean to me?

Truly Rich Club - BDO Portfolio Shot November 19, 2014

I was actually late on acting on the e-mail as I sold this on Nov 19, 2014. I was fortunate that the price actually rose to Php108/share – higher than the Target Price ofPh107/share.

I’m sure A LOT of people (especially Truly Rich Club members) got awesome results!
This return came in just 20 months since the Truly Rich Club recommended the stock for investing.



Here is how it started


Here is an excerpt from the Mar-April 2013 Stocks Update Newsletter recommending BDO to it’s members.


Stocks Update - BDO Recommendation April 2013


As you can see from the announcement that there are two important information that was shared:

Buy Below Price (BBP): Php89.60/share

Target Price (TP): Php112/share


At the time of recommendation, the price of BDO was ABOVE the Buy Below Price (BBP) and the members were instructed to WAIT until the price is under the BBP before buying the shares.


Monthly Investment


If you were to buy the stocks monthly, here are the prices you would’ve bought BDO shares at. The last 3 columns represent – Buy Below Price, Target Price, Expected Growth (%) respectively.

As you can see, over time, the BBP and TP does change according to the market conditions as well as the company’s performance. We were properly notified of this changes by the Truly Rich Club in order to adjust our stock purchase and manage our expectation.

Using the Strategic Averaging Method (SAM), I was able to buy stocks using a fixed amount monthly, sometimes at Php87.50/share, other times at Php69.95. Since I buy more shares when the prices are lower, overall majority of my shares will be cheap thus driving my average cost down.



Truly Rich Club - BDO Results November 18, 2014


As you can see, I could’ve lowered my average price from Php83.28 easily because the price of BDO from Sept 2013 to Feb 2014 was Php80/share and below. The reason I wasn’t able to invest in BDO at the time was because I invested in different stocks during that time to diversify my investment – a lesson that is taught in the Truly Rich Club. 


Overall, I still pocketed a cool 28+% return in 20 months. It does pay to BUY the BANK instead of just parking my money there at 0.25% interest per year, doesn’t it?


What’s next?


I’ll be using my proceeds from the sale of my BDO stocks to invest in the other stocks recommended
by the Truly Rich Club in order to compound my returns!

Want to know what stocks you can invest in next and get results similar to BDO?
Join us at the Truly Rich Club to find out!

Disclaimer: Past performance are not indicative nor a guarantee of future results.

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