Truly Rich Club: How I Earned from the Stock Market

Truly Rich Club: How I Earned from the Stock Market

What is life like with the Truly Rich Club?
Well, last May 4, 2014, I was invited by Ms Joey of the Truly Rich Club to share my experience on earning from the stock market with the help of the Truly Rich Club.

I was able to share the stage with Marco Victoria of & Bro. Bo’s nephew. Laurent Dionisio, #1 affiliate of the Truly Rich Club and blogger at and Edmund Lee, President & CEO – Caylum Trading Institute and son of COL Financial Chairman Edward Lee.

Truly Rich Club Quick Start Seminar
I thought of recording my presentation for you to understand what life is like for a Truly Rich Club member. The good, the bad and the ugly. It’s really an adventure. And adventure is a running theme for my talk. You’ll see…get ready to get animated

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In this video, you’ll learn:

– How I FINALLY broke emotional cycle the kept me losing in the stock market.

 – How the Truly Rich Club put my mind at easy and make my money working (non-stop).
 – Reduce the risk of loss (& multiply the chances of winning)!
 – How to use stock market investing to prepare for your comfortable retirement.
 – Discover how fast (or slow) your money doubles depending on where you put your money.
 – What to do when a catastrophe happens.


Truly Rich Club: How I Earned from the Stock Market

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  1. Thanks Allan… your video is very enlightening.

    • Allan /

      Hi Thor,

      Thanks for the kind words! Hope you consider joining the Truly Rich Club and I wish you have an even better experience than I’m having.

  2. Hi Allan!

    this is inspiring, i am a member too of the TRC. hope you can post upcoming talks and seminars too so we could join everyone! thank you and Godbless,

    • Allan /

      Thanks, VJ! I’m really glad my story has helped you in some way 🙂 Thanks for the idea, I’ll keep you posted on upcoming events as well 🙂

  3. Hi Allan,

    Nice to see your video. I opened an account with COL same yr. 2012 but I didn’t gain coz im really not focus on it. My Question is for a person to gain on the slide you show 100k for a typical Filipino is a big amount already for initial investment. Did you start 5k monthly as a initial investment and deposit same amount religiously until you reach 100k?

    I am really fascinated on the blogs your posting. It was interesting, mind bungling and i personally feel eagerness to do the same.

    • Hi Mark,

      My path was gradual from my salary. It varies actually. It could be 5k this month, if I have my bonus, I contribute a bigger amount. Some months, I invest a smaller amount depending on the situation but 90% of the time, it’s a fixed amount.

      But it didn’t start off that way, wala akong system talaga. Try2x lang based sa recommendation or “hot tips”. It was always hit and miss and never consistent. It was a stressful way of investing kasi wala kang basis kung tama ba ang investment mo or hindi kasi “sabi lang ng ibang tao”.

      I only saw consistent income when I joined the Truly Rich Club. It gave me a structure and a system that helps me consistently invest in stocks that are reputable. It gives me peace of mind and consistent income over time. I hope you consider the Truly Rich Club as well. It has a 30-day money back guarantee naman, so there’s really nothing to lose.

  4. len dimaunahan madayag /

    Hi Allan,

    T’was an inspiring talk. I am fascinated on people you are into stock market. I want to try also but have the fear that I might lose. I know theres no guaratee, its a lose/win situation.
    Now, after watching the video, it gave me an idea.
    Allan, how to be part of the Trully Rich Club and how to enroll in the stock market? Im currently here in Davao.


    • Hi Len,

      Thanks for the kind words! There is definitely a risk in investing but there is an even bigger risk not to do it in my opinion.
      You can reduce that risk by having a mentor who will guide you in the process, you can join us at the Truly Rich Club here


  5. lester /

    Hi Sir Allan,

    When joining TRC, do I need to be already investing in the stock market or TRC could also support us in picking our first stock market investment?

    I have already applied for COL financial and now waiting for the account password.


    • Hi Lester!

      It would be best if you’ve already opened a COL Financial account so that you can implement the stock picks that TRC will be giving you.


  6. hello…
    sir allan nabanggit nyo sa reply nyo kay sir lester na mas ok kung nkpag open na sa COL Financial,kapag member kna b ng COL sila na mismo magmomonitor ng pera u,sila rn bhla magdecide kng saan or illgay pera u.ganon ba yon sir.gusto ko po maliwnagan.kht member kna ng TRC need pa mag open sa COL.mas ok b na member sa COL.sir may idea po ba kyo kung ano at paano ang ginawa ng mga kasambahay ni Bro. BO?maraming slmat po sa inyong reply mlking tulong po ito sa akin upang maunawaan k ng husto kung paano mag start sa stocks investing.God bless

  7. theresa /

    Thanks for this video Allan. 🙂

    • Allan /

      Nice to hear from you again, Theresa!

      You’re very much welcome 🙂

  8. Flor /

    Hello Allan,

    One of my friends mentioned to me about BRO. BO SANCHEZ, and I started watching several of his videos on youtube, until I ran into your personal interview with him. In my spare time I always watch videos of you and inspired me a lot. So, I went to COL financial website to check on how to open an account, since I live in CALIFORNIA, USA, the requirements are quite challenging to me. Do you know of any solution on how I can be a part of TRC and start investing?

  9. Ping /

    Hello po.. pwede bang magpamember sa TRC kahit nasa philstocks ka? or kailangan ko pang maging member ng COL Financial para ma-avail ang membership ng TRC?

  10. I got to hear about the Truly Rich Club from your post in FB. It catched me interest in investing in stocks although I have already a little knowledge about it but without clear idea how is it going to happen. I’d been to a number of mlm already but it seemed its dragging me broke instead of making me free money worry. Being Bro Bo Sanchez as part of RTC really inspires me to get involve or invest in stocks through Truly Rich Club. My questions are: is the membership to TRC already the amount you invest or do I need to spend another money to buy stocks. Your clarification is highly appreciated. Thank you very much!

    • Allan /


      Good question. Your investment in TRC is totally independent
      of your independent in stocks. With TRC, it’s like having your
      own coach to guide you along the way & teach you a specific system
      to invest in stocks that’s best suited for beginners.

      The money you’ll use to invest in stocks is different from the
      membership fee of TRC. TRC will be guiding you on how to properly
      invest the funds that you’ll allot for stock investment.

      Hope this helps!

      You can learn more about TRC here :

  11. Gerlou /

    Hi Allan
    I hav been listening n watching almost all ur videos n blogs advices..thanks a lot for sharing with us ur knowledge n ideas towards financial freedom thru TRC..
    I am on the process of opening my COL Starter Account and they send me new Form to sign OSTA and let my husband sign also with his TIN & birthdate on the soft copy application form which I emailed to Jacqueline Basbas. I am looking forward for more guidance from TRCs towards my investment in stock market.
    God Bless You.

  12. Sir so mahina po ang boses halos wala na ako marinig, binubulong mo lng po ata 🙂

    • Hi, Lala!

      Apologies for that. Have you tried listening via another device or browser?


  13. Aileen /

    Hi Allan! Thank you for this video ? I am looking forward to join TRC soon.

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