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Bonus 1: SAM Table Spreadsheet


SAM Table Spreadsheet


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Bonus 2: Own Your First Stock!

Own Your First Stock!

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  1. Carlo Nunez /


    This truly helps. You are making our investing so easy. You really are awesome!

    May GOD Bless you more, brother!

  2. rAYAN /

    Thank you allan…great information

  3. Virginia Mischelle A. de la Cruz /

    thank you so much. God bless!

  4. jaime sabino /

    hi allan! thanks for these tools. actually I already started investing in the stock market in 2011. i can say i have modest gains from these investments. my stock picking is at best gut feel. I only bought stocks that i use or i’m a customer like glo, tel, jfc etc. my reason is they won’t go bankrupt for as i long as i and a lot people use their products/services. i joined trc because i want to be coached by the experts as i do not have time to do my research. i realized that in one of your stock market 101 videos. thank you very much for that. i am now realigning my stock portfolio based on sam. at the same time i’m trying to promote trc to my associates/friends so that i can earn passive income thru affiliate marketing. i intend to re-invest them also in my stock portfolio. Keep up the good work! oh not only good work but great work!

  5. Thanks a lot Allan. Started reading them….


  6. Alvin Villon /

    Thanks Allan for these helpful bonuses & hope to receive more in the future c”,) God Bless!

  7. virginia /

    Thank you Sir Allan! God bless..

  8. Aaron Manondo /

    Hi Sir Allan, thanks for the effort making these tools, you’re a big help to starters like me.

  9. Walter /

    Thanx alot po sir Allan!

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