Stock Market 101: A Pinoy’s Guide to Stock Market Investing

Guess how many of the 90M Filipinos invest in the stock market?


I hope, but NOPE!


Not even close!


Still miles away! (let’s cut right to the chase)


Yes, you read that right.

To get a better perspective of what this means, 36% of our neighbors in Hong Kong invest in the stock market. While the country with the largest stock market in the world is in the U.S. where 50% of it’s population invests in the stock market 

So what gives?

For one thing, there is a need for a more widespread understanding of what the stock market is and make it applicable in the local setting.

So I invited J3 Patino of to discuss the basics of stock market investing and what you can do today to reduce your risk and start investing.

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In this video, you’ll learn:

» What the stock market is.
» The different ways you can EARN from the stock market
» The RISKS involved and how you can REDUCE them
» Your BEST protection against market fluctuations
» How professionals ANALYZE and decide which stocks to buy and sell

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  1. Antonio /

    Pls teach me in jesus name thank you po

  2. Mirasol Garcia /

    Good day!

    Sir Allan,

    I checked on with the Truly Rich Club Site I wanted to know what’s the difference or what is the benefit between Philippine Residents and international residents. I’m an OFW currently working in KSA.

    Thanks and God Bless.

    • Hi Mirasol,

      I believe the benefits closely resemble one another and the variance in rate is a result of the benefit given for local
      members who are significantly lesser purchasing power. You can join via


      • Mirasol Garcia /

        Good day!

        Sir Allan

        Thank you for the reply and looking forward to joining the club very soon.

        Thanks again and God Bless.

        • SolMira /

          Sir Allan, Good Day.

          It’s me again I joined already the TRC and I would also like to open a COL account. I already checked the application from for COL application and I noticed that there’s a column for primary holder and secondary holder. Is it necessary for me to have a secondary holder..?
          I also have another question. If I will apply personally, does it mean I don’t need to have a billing statement as a requirement?

          Thanks and more power!

          • Allan /


            Congrats on joining TRC. 🙂 Nope, you don’t have to have a secondary account holder – that’s optional.

            I believe the a billing statement is only required for non-appearance. A friend opened an account just last week
            and was not required a billing statement upon submitting her requirements at their office. If you have
            any other questions for COL Financial that needs immediate attention, you may reach their office at 651-5888.


  3. Chris Ryan /

    Hi, Allan I’ve got the same problem Sol Mira. I have everything ready except for Proof of Billing. I am also an OFW from Saudi Arabia. I’m trying to reach them but there is no response until now.


    • Allan /

      Hi Chris,

      You may opt to use your billing address in the Philippines as long as you use that same address in your application form.
      It may be a billing statement under your name, your parent’s name or your siblings.

      I hope this helps!


  4. jairo /

    Hi sir allan and j3. So nice to hear educational videos from both of you. Minsan naicp ko rin na responsibility ko na ipaalam ko sa iba ung mga natutunan ko dito at iencourage din mga friends ko magstock market. Kaya lang mejo mahirap. Madalas na sagot sakin is walang time. Minsan sasang ayon pero parang di naman interesado. Nasa tao rin tlaga kung nasa tamang mindset sila .

    • Allan /

      I agree. People have to be ready to do it before they’ll take it seriously.
      Just keep on helping others out especially those who show eagerness & interest
      – they’re the ones who’ll take real action to better themselves.

      Don’t let rejection stop you. Keep on spreading the word.

  5. Marvilyn /

    I have doubts on investing in stock exhange although I am very much interested. As the saying goes “fear of the unknown” raises doubts. Please enlighten me.

    • Hi Marvilyn!

      I would highly suggest you suggest registering for this free training session entitled Stock Market Success with TRC to learn how to invest in stocks using TRC via a step-by-step tutorial including the strategies & logic behind them.


      Also, I have a special Stock Market Crash Course for Beginners that can help you understand how the stock market works & more importantly how to make it work for you. It’s been viewed more than 30,000 times with more than 445+ positive reviews.


      Hope this helps!


      P.S. I’m giving away a special bonus tutorial – a step by step (screen by screen) tutorial
      on buying stocks with COL Financial using Stocks Update exclusively
      for my affiliates. To become an affiliate, pls. join TRC using this link.


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