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Hi, it’s Allan again 🙂 I created this page to give you the step by step on how to LEARN building an online business. Below is a compilation of Anik Singal’s materials PLUS the personal notes and experience from my good friend J3 Patino and I on how we make online marketing work. Enjoy!


Step 1a: Read the FREE Book: The “$10 Million Discovery”


August 11, 2014 – You should have gotten a copy of the FREE book that gives you an overview of what an online business looks like.

Here are the mini-steps to follow:
1. If you have not received your copy yet, please download it here: “Download: $10 Million Discovery ”
2. You will go to a page with a trailer video and the download link to the e-book.
3. Enjoy the e-book! It’s an easy read that can be finished in just about 20 minutes.


Step 1b: Read the FAQ Guide to “$10 Million Discovery” Book

August 13, 2014 – My good friend, J3 Patino,  have created complimentary a guide to Step 1 above. You might have encountered some terms you are not yet familiar with like: Affiliate Marketing, Autoresponders, Traffic, Blogging, etc. This guide will be defining those terms in the simplest way possible.

Here are the mini-steps to follow:
1. Click HERE to download the complimentary FAQ and Commentary PDF guide.
2. The guide can be read in just 10 minutes. It will save you a LOT of time understanding the common online marketing terms.


Step 2: Watch the New Video Training – Just Released!

August 14, 2014 8pm – Anik has released a 1-hour FREE training video detailing the EXACT business model he uses!

The best part is that he doesn’t sugar coat it – and keeps it very simple for the average Juan Dela Cruz to understand.

Here are the mini-steps to follow:
1. Click HERE to get started in watching the video!
2. Get your pen and paper out, because it is RECOMMENDED to take down notes!
3. At the bottom of the video, is a registration link for a Webinar (This is already over – proceed to step 4 in this page instead)


Step 3: Register for the LIVE Webinar Training! (See Replay at Step 4)

August 16, 2014 – Anik has opened the registration for his LIVE Training. I believe there will be a portion for Q&A here,

and it is expected to last for almost 2 full hours. Again this is all for free. (Webinar is already done. Please see step 4 for the replay).


Step 4: Watch the Replay – “3 Case Studies to Your First $10,000″


August 19, 2014 – Over 10,000 of people signed-up for the webinar and a LOT were unable to log-in.
But thankfully a replay has been recorded and uploaded. Please watch this ASAP – we don’t know how long the materials will be available.

1. Click HERE to get started in perhaps the most comprehensive and informative video in this whole page!
2. Get your pen and paper out, because it is RECOMMENDED to take down notes!

*Anik reveals his biggest mistakes (and powerful COMEBACK) in this training.


Step 5: Watch the Video – “5 Students Make Money Overnight!”


This video was uploaded last August 20, 12:05 AM. It’s a ‘documentary’ style video wherein Anik trained 5 people who had never made money online…
The results are amazing since each person got overwhelming results, in just 24 hours. Anik just turned their life around!

1. Click HERE to get started in watching the amazing video!
2. Again – Get your pen and paper out, because it is RECOMMENDED to take down notes.
Step 6: Decide – “Should You Get the Inbox Blueprint?”


Need help in deciding if you should get the Inbox Blueprint? Then this video is for you.This is J3’s personal journey as an online marketer. It’ll also answer the most common questions about inboxing (like if it’s real, or legit, or if it’s worth it… what’s it like inside the training.. and much more..)

1. Click HERE to discover the online marketing journey from a fellow Filipino!
2. The video is about 25 minutes long – it’s easy watching. No need for notes, but also remove distractions while watching it!


Step 7: Another Webinar “The 60-day Plan to a Profitable Business”


Anik held another webinar this August 28 8AM to 10AM (Philippine Time already). Topics included: 30 Mins a day to $10k a month, 3 Ways to Impact the World & Build a Business While Doing It, How to Build a 20,000 List, and many more… (Please see Step 8 for the Replay.)


Step 8: Watch the Webinar Replay!


Yay for the replay! It was an EPIC webinar – attended by over 7,000 people and it lasted for about 4 hours!
The training is great, and also very candid! Somehow, you’ll get to see a sneak peek of Anik’s personality in this webinar.

1. Click HERE to watch the replay.
2. Get your pen and paper ready so you can take down notes!


Step 9: Get a Sneak Peek of the Inbox Blueprint Members Area!

I’ve just created this easy-to-read slide presentation. It’s a sneak peek of the members area in Inbox Blueprint! It’s a very quick but informative read!

1. Click HERE to start the presentation.
2. Make sure to read everything so you can decide if its for you or not!


Step 10: (For Inboxers Only) Get Your Bonuses from Me!


If you decide to get the Inbox Blueprint – I want to help you with as a fellow Pinoy Online Marketer. I would be sharing my personal notes on the Inbox Blueprint and Online Marketing.

So if you’re already invested, follow the steps below to claim your bonuses:

1. Send me your FULL NAME and EMAIL at (or just reply to any previous email from me)
2. Wait 24 to 48 hours for me to validate your membership.
3. You will then receive an email from me, asking you to sign-up for an exclusive mailing list.
4. From the mailing list, you will already get to see our personal notes on Online Marketing.


Inbox Blueprint will be closing on Sept 2, 2014 – 12mn
Click here to say “YES, to the Inbox Blueprint”


What will happen with the Inbox Blueprint closes?


cross sign New students to the program will no longer be accepted. (Kind of self-explanatory, hehe)

cross signAll the FREE Materials (videos/e-books/articles/presentations) you see in this page will be taken down indefinitely from the internet.

Check Sign Anik will now FOCUS on guiding all the new students. An orientation webinar will be held on Sept 4, 2014 for Inboxers.
Check Sign Additional “Profit Workshops” will be held during Sept 10, 15 and 18 (at varying times) to accommodate different timezones.
Check Sign We (Allan and J3) will start sharing our personal notes on the Inbox Blueprint and Online Marketing to the new Inboxers.


 Click here to say “YES, to the Inbox Blueprint”



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