Do you want to profit from the stock market but don’t know where to start?

Learn how to confidently invest in the stock market from zero knowledge from any budget anywhere in the world!

Stock Market Crash Course for Beginners

Your easy-to-understand course on investing in the stock market that's specifically targeted for people who want to know where to start investing in stocks minus the technicalities that makes our nose bleed.

What's holding you back from investing in stocks?

You've heard great stuff about the stock market.

You have an idea of how it works BUT not enough to take action.

There are just so many questions that's holding you back...

  • ZERO knowledge with how the stock market works
  • How to I EARN in the stock market?
  • Isn’t the stock market too RISKY?
  • How do I decide which STOCKS TO BUY?
  • When is the RIGHT TIME to buy / sell?
  • I'm super BUSY, do I have to monitor my stocks daily?
  • Can OFWs invest in the stock market?

You've worked so hard for so long

But you feel STUCK!

"Parang hindi umaasenso buhay mo"

You deserve better.

You deserve to get ahead in life.

Stock market investing can help you get there. There's just ONE PROBLEM...

It's soooooo complicated!

That's until now.

Introducing a simple, easy-to-understand way to learn stock market investing for a beginner like you... Stock Market Crash Course for Beginners!

Here's What's Inside the Course

Video 1 - Stock Market 101

Discover how the stock market works & how to make it work from you explained in simple, everyday terms.  There's a great focus on using stories and examples in making the complicated world of stock market into a casual conversation between you and I.

Find out WHY you should strongly consider in the stock market, how you make money out of it & how to overcome the "stock market is too risky" syndrome.

Video 2 - How to Invest in the Stock Market

Find out the different ways you can start investing in the stock market & how to find out which one is the best for you. There is no one answer for everyone but there is a best fit for your situation. Don't have time to study or invest for yourself? This video will help you find someone who can do it with your or for you.

Video 3 - Truly Rich Club: How Investing Looks Like in Real Life

Go behind the scenes and experience investing step-by-step from deciding which stocks to buy, how to execute the order & at what prices to sell.

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Here's What Students Have to Say

Rex Salacsacan Rex Salacsacan, Phil. Merchant Marine School

... I finished all 3 videos and you've explained all very well at simplified talaga, I'm sharing this to my siblings and friends. I'm really glad I clicked your link... Big Thanks for sharing and GOD Bless!!

Owee Laud-Begyan Owee Laud-Begyan, University of Mindanao

Wow. I felt hopeless on learning how to invest in the stock market but your videos are very simple and helpful for dummies in stock investment just like me. Keep it up!

Avey De Guzman Pasoquin

Hi, I just finished your first video and I learned quite a lot already. I'm a nurse and I've been working overseas for years but I feel like nothing happens to my hard-earned money. I've been hearing about stock market but I had no idea how it works. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in the most simplified way. Even those with no background like me, could understand it.

Avey De Guzman Pasoquin, OFW - Nurse

What You'll Learn

  • How to use “CLaS” to reduce risk (& increase your success rate)
  • How the Stock Market Works.. SIMPLIFIED (Plus, 2 ways you can earn from the stock market)
  • The invisible force that’s making everything EXPENSIVE! (+ How to beat it!)
  • When is the BEST TIME to invest in stocks
  • Unlock the secret to EXPONENTIAL GROWTH
  • 3 ways to start investing in the stock market (Hint: It’s different for everyone) Benefit 6
  • How to choose the BEST STOCKS to invest in (or find someone who can do it for you)
  • How I invest in stocks in less than 30 mins. every month
  • How to use simple technology to make investing automatic (even for non-techies)
  • My payday secret to make sure my future 60-year-old self is happy #PaydayMyWay
  • [Case Study] My first stock investment = 33.89% profit in just 6 months

Here's What You'll Get

Online Streaming

Just connect to the internet & take your stock market IQ to the next level anytime, anywhere by watching it online.


No internet? No problem.

Download all the lessons to your computer, laptop or mobile device and take learning wherever you go.


Crazy traffic? Make it a learning experience.

Pop-in the MP3 version of the course to learn while you travel.


Slide Deck

Prefer to learn by reading?

Download ALL the slides that I use for the presentation to learn/review the course at your own time & pace

Here's What Students Have to Say

LA A Ford LA A Ford, Iligan City

Hi Sir Allan, thank you so much for your generosity of sharing these videos. They're easy to understand, very helpful and informative to stock market newbies like me. I have been looking for videos such as these for a long time and I am more than thankful and happy to have found yours. Keep sharing. God bless you more!

Edz Ayende Edz Ayende, Technical Analyst

Hi Sir Allan... Finally, this video helps me understand how it works using my beginner's mind. I really want to know it kahit noon pa  and I'm looking forward for further knowledge on how and take necessary action to start investing in stocks. Thanks again and GOD bless!

Blessy Mulot

Hi Sir Allan,

Thank you very much for this informative video. Through this video, I realized that it's imperative to be aware and knowledgable of where to invest my income rightly.  All I just cared about before was just through personal savings but in reality, there's more than that. I really like best, the part of the video where you shared about the threats and protection because I really need to invest first to my protection before moving forward in investing to stock market.

Blessy Mulot, Holy Child School of Davao

Did you know?

One of the biggest regrets of people when they retire is relying on government/company retirement package alone?

A lot of 60, 70, 80+ year olds are regretting not taking smart financial decisions early.

If they could only talk to their 20, 30, 40 year old self

they’d tell them this...

Invest early & often.

You’ve read this far, that tells me you’re someone who’s serious in making a change in your financial life.. Today.

Let me ask you a question

If you don’t take action, how can you expect your life to improve?

Clearly, you’re here to find a way to enrich your life financially. Will you take this leap to make you’re future 60-year old self say…

“Thank You”

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