How to Write (and Sell) Ebooks Online W/ Sha Nacino

How to Write (and Sell) Ebooks Online W/ Sha Nacino

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Sha Nacino, author of Money & Me, shares:

* How she wrote multiple books WHILE working full-time.
* Why e-books are the medium for start-up authors.
* Writing tips on creating an e-book with a busy schedule
* Writing Speed: How she went from writing a book in 3 years to finishing one in 24 hours.
* The benefits of being recognized as an author.


3 FREE copies of Money & Me are up for grabs!

Money and Me by Sha Nacino

Leave a comment below on how “Money & Me – 9 Steps to Turn Around Your Finances and Live the Life You Want” can help you. Sha will pick the 3 best answers and will ship the book for FREE anywhere in the Philippines!

Winner will be announced on May 19, 2014!

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How to Write (and Sell) Ebooks Online W/ Sha Nacino


  1. Antonio Regadio Jr. /

    I left my job to have more time for my family. Right now I am a part time consultant in Pharmaceutical companies who are in need of training. This book would be helpful in making me financially sustainable.

  2. I am a blogger/investor/starting entrepreneur and I also want to live the life the way I want it. This book will help me by understanding more about money. And hopefully, the lessons that I will learn will help me achieve the life I want. 🙂

  3. tina /

    I am a program coordinator. Even If I have a permanent job, I still live from pay check to pay check. I believe this book will give me a fresh perspective on how to make the most of my hard earned money towards achieving a fruitful and happy life ahead.

  4. Jeffrey /

    I am passionate about learning new things especially when it comes to self help topics. I think this book will change my perspective in growing both my money and self.

  5. Emmarie Cabarles /

    I work as an Engineer. Though the compensation is good, most of my workmates are still struggling in terms of financial. I want to teach them and impart them the importance of financial management. Miss Sha’s Money and Me is a great tool for me to help my colleagues! 🙂

  6. Ann /

    I am an OFW, turned Networker and now lost in the middle of indecision. Ever since I graduated, I hop from one company to another, but I was never satisfied with my work and my paycheck. So I tried to work abroad in the hopes that I will finally land a great job along with a good salary. Sure, I got what I want, but I was never happy. Then I realized I was not meant for employment. I decided to go home and look for a good business to manage myself. I found one, invested in it but to cut the long story short, I did not make it and lost virtually all that I have. Right now I want to re-establish my finances and my career the best way possible and I believe that Sha’s book Money & Me can help me and all other people who needs enlightenment, guide and clear understanding on how to earn and manage your money. I just believe this book can help me a lot in so many different ways…

  7. Allan /

    Congratulations to our winners – Antonio Regadio Jr, Tina and Ann!

    You’ve been chosen by Sha Nacino to win one copy each of here book “Money & Me – 9 Steps to Turn Around Your Finances and Live the Life You Want”.

    Kindly what out for my e-mail on how to get it. 🙂

    Again, congratulations and please keep on supporting Truly Rich Club Blog!

    God bless,


    I am a full time college professor and is interested in additional income on the side. I wish I could have a copy of the book to learn from. Thanks a lot!

  9. I found that money and me in books store. I will buy it next time.

  10. Thank you for this, It really helps me alot

  11. Lee Andreu /

    I am an OFW and I am very interested and eager to look for another source of INCOME because i realy realy wanted to change my life,and I realy wanted to spend my time with my family.I strongly believe that this E-book will somehow or 100% will lead me to the right direction to left-up and fulfill my desire of achieving financial freedom!!!

    THanx a bunch…

  12. I am a full time employee for 15 years. So sad because I have no savings and lots of debts to pay for because obviously my salary is not enough to sustain our needs. I want to resign because I am tired and unhappy anymore but I can’t make it because I have no other source of income to help my husband and my family.I hope Money and Me help me a lot to find financial freedom.

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