The Rule of 72: How to Long Does it Take to Double Your Money?

The Rule of 72: How to Long Does it Take to Double Your Money?

During my younger years, I would overhear my parents discuss about how the bank manager

was offering them a good investment that will double their money in 7 years.

7 Years?!

I was too young to understand then, but for me 7 years seems to be an ETERNITY.

Fast forward to being an adult in today’s world, that doubling in 7 years seems like a blink of an eye.


Let’s take a look at the interest rates of today:

Savings account : 0.25%
Time Deposit : 1.00% (this is a very generous estimation)

So given these rates, how long will your investment double?

This is where the RULE of 72 comes in.

What you do is divide 72 by the interest rate to get the number of years it will take to double your money.


Savings Account: 72/0.25 = 288 years

Time Deposit: 72/1 = 72 years

This no joke. You won’t see the day you’re money double.

So let’s take a look at how your Php100,000 can grow exponentially given a more generous interest rate:

Truly Rich Club Blog: Rule of 72

Rule of 72

It’s both amazing and alarming, isn’t it?

As you can see from the difference between 4% and 12%

annual return, it is equivalent to 20 years salary of a 
person earning Php25,000 a month. 

It is the difference between living a life of comfort

and despair at your retirement. The earlier you start
investing correctly, the sooner your 65 year old self
will be thanking you for making his life a whole lot

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The Rule of 72: How to Long Does it Take to Double Your Money?


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  1. Ma. Angelita cago /

    Where do we usually get a 12 percent interest investment this time? Kindly mention/suggest various investment instruments. Thank you and God bless.

    • Allan /

      Hi Angelita! You’ve mentioned that you are already part of TRC – stock market investing is actually one of the best investment vehicles to produce this kind of result. You must be in it for the long-run to maximize the benefits. Another would be mutual funds. Similarly, it must be held over a long period of time. Equity fund is usually the way to go to maximize returns. Be wary of course with the relationship of risk and return – the higher the risk the better the return and vice versa.

  2. Rowena Gador /

    Helo sir,gusto ko sana malaman kng panu kumita sa stocks market.have ni idea talaga at parang nahihirapan akong intindihin.pag nagjoin ba ako sa club meron taong magaguide saken on how and when to buy sticks etc..?thanks you so much

    • Hi Rowena,

      I would highly suggest you suggest registering for this free training session entitled Stock Market Success with TRC to learn how to invest in stocks using TRC via a step-by-step tutorial including the strategies & logic behind them.

      Just visit ‪‬

      Also, I have a special Stock Market Crash Course for Beginners that can help you understand how the stock market works & more importantly how to make it work for you. It’s been viewed more than 30,000 times with more than 445+ positive reviews.

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      Hope this helps!

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