OFW Story: How I Defeated Credit Card Debt & Found Success in Stocks (w/ Arman Vengco Felipe)

Stop what you’re doing for a second & just think of your
monthly salary for a moment. Got it?

Now multiply that by 10 TIMES!

I can see that smile on your face. (I had one too)

That’s what our interviewee, Arman Vengco Felipe,
Angat Pilipinas’ OFW Advocate of the Year, experienced.

Instead of unending pleasure though, he got buried in
DEBT. Napasama pa lalo imbes na guminhawa.

Fast-forward 9 years later & he’s now giving talks
to his fellow OFWs about proper money management
& stock market investing?

What happened in between?

Find out in this candid & honest interview with Arman:

We’ll talk about

  • Why OFWs go into debt even if they earn a lot more
  • What was your TURNING POINT to get rid of your debt
  • The 2 books that helped me get started in investing (easy-to-read)
  • What’s the FIRST STEP when it comes to investing in the stock market
  • How much do you need to get started (& how much you should allocate monthly)
    … and a lot more

Show Links


Stock Market Course (Free)

Stock Market Crash Course for Beginners for OFW by the Truly Rich Club

Click here to get free access


My Maid Invests in the Stock Market by Bo Sanchez
No Non-Sense Personal Finance by Randell TiongsonĀ 

Helpful Investing Groups to Follow

Truly Rich Club – UAE
Money Talks UAE
Stock Smart UAE
Trader’s Apprentice Pilipinas
IGAN (Investment Guidance and Advice for Newbies)

Bloggers to Look Out For

PesosAnd Sense (by Aya Laraya)
Green Stickman (by Gayward Mendoza)
MagInvest ka Pinoy (by Jo Valerio)
Marvin Germo

Do you have your own OFW financial advice?

Please feel free your personal wins when it comes to money.
Share your story or tips to make our OFW’s lives easier.

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  1. nelda /

    very interesting topic

  2. John Robert Vargas /

    Good day, im a seaman and wants to retire early!

  3. reina alcantara /

    Blessed day!

    i want to encourage all of my fellow OFWs to watch this video and read blogs about financial literacy. You can get lots of tips on how to manage your finances and escape in a RAT-RACE lifestyle.

    keep learning and searching. Good news it’s FREE. I’m on my first month of this topic ”financial literacy/stock market” and it is very interesting. It will save and change our future.

    God bless you more Sir Allan.

    A million thanks!


    • Allan /

      Thanks, Reina!

      Arman’s story is powerful & I hope more OFWs not only find inspiration but also the will to take action and take matters in their own hands and invest for their future.

  4. Good day!

    Ask ko lng since im here abroad and i find it hard to open acct to COL because of the requirements,can i let my sister open an acct on her name and i will do the funding ,monitoring and webinars?Thanks

    • Hi Roel,

      In that scenario, it’s your sister who will be the official owner of the account & the only one to be allowed to transact.

      I would highly suggest taking the following steps if you want to start investing in Philippine stocks.

      1. You can check the requirements here: https://www.colfinancial.com/ape/Final2/home/open_an_account.asp

      2. Send a scanned copy of your requirements to helpdesk@colfinancial.com &/or maribel.roque@colfinancial.com
      for them to check the completeness and correctness of the forms
      prior to sending the hard copies to the Philippines.

      Also, you may inquire if there are any restrictions applicable to you
      based on your location. Just to be safe.

      3. If you have the go signal, you may send the hard copies to
      COL Financial Group, Inc. c/o Mabel Roque
      2403-B East Tower, PSE Centre, Exchange Road,
      Ortigas Center, Pasig City, 1605, Philippines

      4. Wait for an e-mail from them regarding the activation of your
      account and funding instructions for your account.

      5. Once you fund your account, you’re good to go!

      After you have an account already, you may join TRC.

      You can join by clicking this link

      You can see all the benefits of the Truly Rich Club and
      at the bottom you can choose between Philippine and
      International Resident.

      Membership can be paid via

      1. Credit Card – Monthly
      2. Can Deposit / Remittance – Minimum 6-month membership (with 10% off) / 12-month membership (20% off)

      You also have a 30 day money back guarantee.

      Hope this helps and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


      P.S. I’m giving away a special bonus tutorial – a step by step (screen by screen) tutorial
      on buying stocks with COL Financial using Stocks Update exclusively
      for my affiliates. To become an affiliate, pls. join TRC using this link.

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