What Michael Jordan Can Teach You About Stock Market Investing


I want to be like Mike”


That was who every basketball loving kid wanted to be.
Even non-basketball fans know the guy.


He’s a 6-time NBA champion, Olympic gold medalist,
multiple time MVP, All-Star etc.
And when time is running down, you just know who’ll
you give the ball to.


BUT for all his greatness, the biggest lesson he can teach
you is not from any of the things he did…


It’s from what he STOPPED doing.


First Retirement: Basketball to Baseball

He jumped ship. He changed sport upon retirement to his

childhood love baseball.

He carried the same talent, same body, same athleticism

BUT got very different results.

He was just average at best.

Now he improved over time because of his determination

and work ethic yet he’ll never reach the level of success
he achieved in basketball.

And then he STOPPED. The players strike happened in

baseball and he chose to come back to the sport where he belongs – basketball.

He won 3 more championships along the way.




We all have a Michael Jordan in all of us AND we have our own
baseball. Something that we spend a lot of time and effort in yet
at the end of the day we just feel like we didn’t really accomplish
anything and we’ll just start all over again. 

God didn’t put us here on earth to live a “balance” and “average”

life. He wants us to maximize the talents that he gave us and put
our resources in the RIGHT place.

“Strengthening our WEAKNESS is a lie and COMPOUNDING
on our talent is the way to go.”

Invest your time at what you’re GOOD AT.

Is it Writing? Then write!
Is it Drawing? Then draw!

Don’t force yourself to sing and dance when you have two left feet
– Hire someone to entertain your guests

If you want to invest in stocks but don’t want the mind-numbing
analysis? – Seek the help of someone who’s talent is your weakness or join a club to help you out.

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