Kayod Marino: How a Seafarer found 2 Smart (& Cheap) Ways to Get More Book Sales without the Stress

It’s your girlfriend’s birthday & after
spending much time, thought & money, you finally got the
PERFECT gift for her.

There’s just one problem.

You can’t give it to her. It’s been raining all day, roads are flooded
& traffic is super crazy. There’s no way you can get to her place
after coming off work.

It’s immensely frustrating.
Now you know how Engr. Rich Magpantay feels. Just to be clear
he is happily married with 2 children. (I don’t want to get in trouble with
Mrs. Magpantay.) You’ll know what I’m referring to in a bit.


Who’s Engr. Rich Magpantay?

He’s a seafarer with more than 10 years of experience & is an avid learner. He attends
plenty of seminars & reads tons of books. He lists Bo Sanchez, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill as some of his inspirations.

During these seminars, he ran into people time & time again who were earning a lot – millions a month level. People were doing it in real-estate, stock market, forex, insurance etc.


Here they are in the middle of the ocean, spending precious time away from family & battling homesickness on a daily basis when people can earn astronomical amounts back in Pinas.

His fellow seafarers would work hard to earn a comfortable living in the Philippines but neglect to invest in assets such as properties, paper assets & businesses. Leaving them no choice but to go on board again & again.

He wants to break this cycle.


3 Books 2 Years 1 Author

He wants to change his fellow seaferer’s mindset about money & open their eyes to the possibilities of investing & business. Learning these things can make them come home much faster.

He understands thought that it will take much more than talking with his fellow OFWs one-on-one to effect this change. He has bigger dreams of reaching more people & creating a magnified impact – he decided to write a book (3 to be exact).

He credits John Rodica, author of 8 Simple Tips for Young Entrepreneurs, in helping him through the book writing process. He was able to publish 3 books in just 2 years.

Kayod Marino: How a Seafarer found 2 Smart (& Cheap) Ways to Get More Book Sales without the Stress

These are his perfect gifts.
(This is what I’m referring to Mrs Magpantay)


There was just one problem


It’s one thing to write (& print) a book. It’s another to get it into people’s hands.
Just like our perfect girlfriend gift, he’s facing a challenging time in making his book available to his target market. The readers are out there, they might even be looking for a book just like his, but how can he make them know that it even exists?

He sought out another mentor for book publishing. He joined Sha Nacino’s 90-Day Book Writing Challenge. Now, he admittedly didn’t join the course to write a book, he already has 3 of them, but he wanted to learn the business side of book writing in more detail & in a systemized setting that’s easy to follow.

He feels that getting a book published is incomplete without learning the skill to put in his ideal reader’s hands. Marketing was admittedly his weak spot & he wants to connect with successful book authors like John & Sha in order to learn what it takes to be a best-selling author.

How to Write a Book in 90 Days – Free Training


I’m now delivering my perfect gift

So how did he get more eyeballs to see his book? Well, he simply put it where most of them already are – online.

1. Create a Personal Website / Facebook Page

He created a personal website (marino.com.ph) & a Facebook Page (Marino) to make it easier for people to find him online. His webiste people to get to know him & understand what he has to offer.

The Facebook page allows him to interact with his followers (more than 1,000) about the latest happenings in the world of seafarers’ & gives him an avenue to connect with potential customers. As a result he’s gotten a noticeable spike in interest for his books & services.

His books are available at Central Books.

2. Giving sample copies of ebooks / books

He also leaned on giving free ebook & physical copies of his books away to get more people to read it & get feedback from actual readers of it’s value. This allows him to get feedback (good & bad) about his book as well as word of mouth promotion.

It’s also a nice way to gain respect of influencers as these photos would suggest.

Engr. Rich Magpantay with Sen. Bam Aquino

Engr. Rich Magpantay with Sen. Bam Aquino

[Case Study] Rich Magpantay 2

Engr. Rich Magpantay with Dean Pax Lapid

These are the breakthroughs that he was looking for.

So how about you?

Are you ready to create your perfect gift? Take the first step & attend this free online training I did with Sha Nacino herself.

How to Write a Book in 90 Days – Free Training

Allan Ngo is a financial literacy advocate & an online entreprenuer. He created the free online training “Stock Market Crash Course for Beginners” to help Pinoys worldwide to learn the basics of stock market investment for free wherever they are, whenever they want. It’s been viewed more than 10,000 times.
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  1. Thank you Allan for this amazing article 🙂 God bless your successful writing career 🙂

    • Allan /


      Thanks for sharing your story. I’m sure this will help plenty of people especially mga marino.

  2. Thank you for sharing this story. I just started a blog and a simple article can take me a week to complete. I’m so impressed that it only took him 90 days to write his book.

    I read your other articles too and watched some of the videos. Your blog is one my inspirations and i’m looking forward to be able to write a blog as great as yours. Keep writing and inspiring people. God bless

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