Inbox Blueprint: Member’s Area Tour + Review

Let’s do it! I’m ready to be an inboxer.

(click the link above to get started…)

Note: By purchasing Inbox Blueprint using the link above, you’ll get my support on the implementing the Inbox Blueprint.


  1. Hi J3/ Allan,

    Like you I also do not know how to design a website nor do I know how to create a webpage. I’ve registered on InboxBlueprint but I’m stuck at the ‘creating the Opt-in page’.. I don’t know how to do it.

    Help me please. I practically liked the idea also of outsourcing this but I hope its affordable. With the promising income the system shows, I hope to get back my capital and gains in no time.


  2. Yhankee /

    Very interesting! You summarized Inbox Blueprint Course pretty well, very easy to understand outline. Though the technical aspect of the business is not that easy to handle esp for a newbie and non-techie like me, but outsourcing it is the best option. I do still have a list of questions at hand regarding the process of setting up the business that I believed you could help and I guess I’ll have it ask on you through Skype. Hope to hear from you there. Have a great day! đŸ™‚

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