What Francisco Colayco Can Teach Us about Managing Our Money

It was a traffic-ridden Friday night.


I fetched my sister from work and inadvertently
diverted to Quiapo because of some unexpected
road closure on our way home (Manila traffic is the best!).


Anyway, while on Quezon Blvd, I could see a line of
commuters waiting for their ride home. The alarming thing
was the fact that they were already occupying HALF of the
entire road across Quiapo church.


I really felt for them. This was not even a payday Friday, nor did
it rain during the day. This was as common a Friday as there was.
I can’t fathom what it would be like during a rainy payday Friday!


This daily grind can certainly take a toll on one’s body. Maybe a reward or two during the annual bonus is in order, right?


Hmm… your answer to that question can actually determine whether your end up a millionaire or not.


That’s what Francisco Colayco, best-selling author and financial literacy advocate,
talks about in this engaging video with Mel Tiangco on the show


Watch this funny and educational 8 minute video

Php30/day to Millionaire


This is my favorie part of the video. Mr Colayco tells us that
Php30 (equivalent to a can of softdrink, a bag of chips or
a pack of cigarettes) set aside daily for 30 years can make
you a millionaire.


A lot of us have a hard time attaching the term millionaire
to our name. “Me? a millionaire? No way.”
That big disconnect sometimes causes us to  just

laugh at these claims – but it’s mathematically true.


Php30/day invested for 30 years invested with a return of
10% yearly will become Php2.1 Million and if your lucky
enough to average a 15% return yearly, it will become
Php15 Million.


So why don’t people do it?


They simply DON’T KNOW about this concept.


We hear that “sikap” and “tiyaga” is our way to
riches. They are part of it definitely BUT it’s not enough.
Financial IQ is very important as well.

Working hard is admirable but working hard and smart is enviable.


3 D’s for Financial Success


1. Discipline – Money in your wallet or ATM is so tempting to spend.
It symbolizes your power to fulfill your desire instantly and a lot
of us simply can’t resist this temptation. Your ability to conquer this
can determine your financial future.

Having said that, it doesn’t have to be all about will power. You can set-up an automatic fund transfer
monthly from your bank to transfer a certain amount of your salary
to a separate account that you WON’T touch – instant discipline.


2. Determination – You must find your BIG WHY.

Why do you want to escape the rat race? Is it for self-fulfillment? to provide the
ideal lifestyle for your family? to provide for your child’s
tuition? Only you can answer that and whatever you decide will be
the fuel for you to rise up despite all the bumps and bruises
along the way.


3. Decisiveness – What will you do after reading this?
Check Facebook?

Watch t.v.?
Text or call your friend?
What I suggest? Decide.


Do you want to take that first step to your financial education.
One good free resource to put you in the right direction is


Allan Ngo is a financial literacy advocate & believe Pinoys can improve their lives by taking an “ako ang bahala” mentality. Catch his interview entitled Stock Market Made Easy w/Bro. Bo Sanchez to know more about the stock market and the Truly Rich Club
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