Education WITHOUT Execution: 3 Simple Steps to FINALLY use (Old) Seminar Notes to Change Your Life.

We attend a seminar, orientation or a class and we take down A LOT of notes. Sometimes, we even already have a hand-out given to us and just have to add our most important thoughts on the topic.


We feel that “Wow! Things are going to be different now that I know ALL OF THESE.” You’re filled with excitement to put what you learned into practice. But something happens in between that’ll stop that vibe right on it’s tracks.


You simply home put your notes on the shelf for now and you’ll
apply the new learnings tomorrow.


7 years later…


You’re conducting a general cleaning and voila! there are your notes – untouched since 2007.


We’ve all been there, right?


This was exactly what Bro. Bo Sanchez talked about at yesterday’s (July 20, 2014) IMG Convention at SMX in Pasay.

Bo Sanchez at IMG Convention

So why did he talk about this?


1. It happens all the time.
2. He’s guilty of this habit as well.
3. Somewhere in those notes might possibly lie the turning point in your life.


Education that is executed helps us grow and accumulate blessings while education left undone well… just accumulates dust.


He then shared 3 powerful yet simple steps you can do when taking notes that’ll drastically change the way you use them.


So let’s imagine a single woman attending a seminar on “10 Signs To Know That You’re Dating A Jerk” as per Bro. Bo’s example. You should take down TWO sets of notes everytime you write and add one more detail at the end that will ensure it’s execution.




They are the 3R’s of effective seminar note-taking.

1. Realization
This is your good old-fashioned note taking.

i.e. #10: He’s a jerk if he ALWAYS borrows money and never pays you back


2. Resolution (What are you going to do about it?)
This is where your indicate what kind of action you’re going to take with this knowledge.

i.e. I will stop seeing this guy (and GET MY MONEY BACK!).


3. Routine (Schedule it)
This is the SECRET SAUCE of everything. It’s nice to know new information, it’s even better to know what to do about it but without knowing WHEN you’ll do it, it all goes for naught. Pull up your planner or write it down on your mobile phone – an alarm would be super helpful – and make sure to put it on the things you need to do.

 i.e I’ll do it tomorrow July 21, 2014

Here’s my notes from yesterday and putting my education into action. (sorry for the awful handwriting) 

My IMG Convention Notes

What do you do now?

1. You can download this template (’s Note-Taking Template ) I did for you and transfer your old notes here to determine your next step and when.

2. You can also print this out for your next seminar 🙂



One of the important theme during the convention was financial education. There are topics, that no matter how much notes we take, the resolution and routine is hard to execute by oneself.


You wouldn’t pull out your own tooth, right? You’ll call a dentist. You won’t risk doing trial and error on yourself because of extreme pain and irrepairable damage.


Are you willing to take that risk for your money? More importantly you and your family’s future?


International Marketing Group (IMG) would like to invite you to a (Free but limited) Financial Literacy Seminar and Coaching. Please watch the video below to know more.


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  1. Stephanie /

    I have been doing this whenever I take the minutes of meeting but I just realized that this would be much helpful when attending seminars. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

    • Allan /

      Hi Stephanie! Glad you found this helpful 🙂 On to more learning and executing!

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