Debt-Free! How to Get Rid of Debt & Take Home the Pay that You Truly Deserve

Having the ability to get what we want is very powerful.
It’s actually very seductive. Once you have that power,
it’s hard to let go & in a strange twist of fate, that power
often controls us instead of the other way around.
We end up being slaves to it.

What does this have to do with debt?

The answer lies in plastic.

Yes, you read that right.
We are now flushed with offers from financial companies
to get their credit card (plastic) & buy what we want,
whenever we want.

Debt slowly accumulates until such time that
whenever you receive your salary, it goes straight to
paying your debt.

“Hindi pa umuunit yung pera sa kamay mo, nawala na”

You deserve more, don’t you?

If you want to get what you deserve, watch this interview I did
with Mr Randell Tiongson, RFP as we talk about how to get
rid of debt & finally take home the pay you truly deserve!

We’ll talk about

  • How debt is affecting your life both personally & professionally (& how to stop it)
  • The ONE THING in common among people who’ve defeated debt
  • How the Debt Snowball can give you small wins that leads to living a debt-free life.
  • How to raise funds to pay-off your debt without doing overtime.
  • Where to find mentors to guide you towards debt freedom & financial peace of mind
    … and a lot more

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“If your friend is in debt, what one advice will you give him
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  1. Jelly Sayson /

    If I have a friend who is in debt, I’ll advice him to set aside a portion of his salary to pay for his debt. He can plan to pay it installment so it will not be a burden to him. In this way, he’s becoming debt-free slowly.

  2. Tasya /

    If I have a friend who is in debt, I’ll advice him to pay it slowly. He can pay it from smaller amount to the bigger amount. In this approach, he will be motivated to pay the next amount since he was able to pay the smaller one. It will be his driving force. Upon paying his debt fully, I’ll advice him to practice budgeting his money to avoid the debt and be debt-free.

  3. Aileen May D. Pilar /

    I would suggest to my friend that he should pay his debt reguarly with more than the minimum amount so that it will accumulate less and during the payment period, he should refrain from using the credit card. If possible, cut it off so that he will not be tempt to purchase stuff that he only wants.

  4. emjae /

    ill tell my friend that whatever advice ill give her/him if she/he is not really decided to be debt-free,nothing will happen. She/he need to decide and from there little by little he/she can find ways.

  5. Edgar a. /

    List all his debts and write all the information for each. Pay off the debts with smallest amount, then after finishing them, go to the next highest amounts, and repeat this until all his debts are paid. This is called snowball effect.

  6. Restie Chavez /

    Decide to Pay your debts as fast as you can and experience the life of getting to sleep early and waking up with a smile.

  7. Richard Carvajal /

    If my friend would have a debt, I would tell him to change lifestyle, minimize expenses and re calculate the budget. He should pay the debt first the earns the most interest and form a habbit of paying it little by little. Part of the new savings also I would suggest that he gives it in a form of giving so he can show his faithfulness and trust to God that God can help him over come this financial problems no matter how big it is and God will give him breakthrough because he is our provider.

  8. Mary Grace /

    I tell my friend to learn/do these steps 1.face his problem 2.Commit to get out of debt.
    3.Decide on time frame or for his target to pay all hus debt.
    4. make an inventory of all his debt.
    5. to record all his expenses.
    6.determine his needs and wants.
    7.let go of his Wants.
    8.use the “wants” money to help pay out his debt.
    9. Prioritise. pay off the debt with the highest interest.
    10. work out a payment scheme with his creditors. with cash. dont use credit card. if theres no cash, dont spend
    12. find other sources of income.
    13. ill tell him to always remember this phrase “learn from life experiences and make it your life choices”

  9. Anna /

    I would advise my friend to read this Debt-Free! article and watch the interview with Mr. Randell Tiongson in this blog. I would tell him that eliminating debt is not an overnight process and it begins with the right mindset. I’m sure that after reading the blog and watching the video, he will be motivated to become debt-free and will be able to pay off his debts by applying the strategies mentioned in the video.

  10. ann enverzo /

    I would advice my friend to be accountable of his debt. finding the root of problem itself can be a big help. change happens after acceptance of the problem. Then slowly little by little pay the debt using the snowball effect. Be responsible in saving a portion of the salary, prioritize it to pay the debt. Eliminate credit card and “wants” that are really not needs. As for me i’ll continue encouraging my friend that he can do it while saving for myself too.

  11. i would advice my friend to pay his debt before buying anything that is not really worth it.. minimize his expenses.. every salary pay portion of his debt… and when he fully paid his debt he can now save 20% of his income for investment like the stock market and a portion of this expenses sign up for truly rich club and become a member =D

  12. Rommel Lubguban /

    If I have a friend who is in debt, I will tell him to do what I did to slowly chipped down 80,000 PHP of my credit card debt.

    1.) I called the bank and told them to cut my credit card and promised to pay them so they won’t charge me for the interest.

    2.) I changed my credit lifestyle; I stop using my credit card to buy things I can buy for cash i.e. small gas purchases, small groceries items like a razor, soaps, etc.

    3.) I never use my credit card on our drinking sessions and eating out with friends.
    Patak patak na lang.

    4.) I allotted a certain amount from my income to regular pay my debt and closed that credit/debit card. I applied for only one credit card; multiple credit cards gives you the feeling of security that you have a safety net in case the other card got declined. Remember you will have to pay for all these purchases. Better to track down only one credit card than having to deal multiple ones. Stop signing in at malls for free credit cards. Drop that habit, use one credit card.

  13. If my friend is in debt, the one advice I will give him
    to finally become debt-free is to never fail to allocate a portion of his income into paying the debts he owed and monitor his expenses. By doing so, he can adjust as to which part of those that he can minimize. And mostly, he should ask the help of God to enlighten him and guide him on the way to effectively pay off his debts.

  14. selina /

    if i have a friend who is in debt, i will advised him/her to make a list of her expenses for a month, to see which part of it can be eliminated or reduced, then allot it to pay for the debt regularly. I will also help her find out possible ways to increase her income depending on her interest, talents and ability.

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