Bucket List to Published: How a Filipina OFW Wrote (& Launched) Her Dream Book in Less Than 6 months

What’s your dream?

Did you notice that when we think of our dreams
we usually look at a distance, often looking up ?
We feel that achieving our dream lifts us higher,
kind of like they’re hidden behind those clouds
in the sky waiting for us to get it. Maybe that’s
where “being on cloud 9” came from.

Well, Lud Barrica know how it feels to be there…
literally! She’s a full-time Filipina flight attendant based
in the Middle East, who calls the blue skies as her 2nd home.
This led her to write her first book “Cruising on Cotton Candy Clouds”
in just 90 days & launched it just 2 months later.

How did she do it?

This is her story.

How to Write a Book in 90 Days – Free Training

In this video, Lud will share:
– What motivated her to start (& more importantly finish) her book.
– How she found time in her crazy schedule to do it.
– The steps she took to come up with a viable book topic.
– How she dealt with the crippling fear of being judged
– Why she almost quit several times
– What being a published author means to her life

Resources mentioned:

Idea BankA small notebook to carry around to write down ideas whenever they strike
Mind MapA useful tool to move random thoughts into an organized & logical outline
90-Day Book Writing ChallengeAn online course by prolific book author, Sha Nacino, on mentoring non-writers to create, publish & market their own book. Know more about this course here. Classes start July 6, 2015.

Free Online Training:

I had a chance to talk to Sha Nacino to pick her brain about book writing & the business behind it.

You’ll learn:
– The opportunities that will open up to you as a published author
– How to come up with a profitable book idea
– How to sustain motivation to finish your book

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How to Write a Book in 90 Days – Free Training

Allan Ngo is a financial literacy advocate & an online entreprenuer. He created the free online training “Stock Market Crash Course for Beginners” to help Pinoys worldwide to learn the basics of stock market investment for free wherever they are, whenever they want. It’s been viewed more than 10,000 times.
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