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The Story Behind the Truly Rich Club Blog

Truly Rich Club Blog - Allan NgoHi! I’m Allan, founder of Truly Rich Club Blog. I’m a certified public accountant (CPA) & a former bankmanager handling our overseas Filipino workers (OFW) clients.

I don’t work for the Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club. In fact, I’m a paying member. I established this site because I’ve noticed that I’ve been explaining Bo’s Truly Rich Club to my friends whenever we talk about investments, which happens a lot more often lately, especially as we get older 🙂

The Truly Rich Club’s way of explaining the market in easy-to-understand terms, specific stock picks with the STOCKS UPDATE newsletter and the Strategic Averaging Method (SAM) seems to have resonated with them – from clueless beginners to advance investors – which led quite a lot of them to sign-up.

This got me thinking.

There may be people out there, those who I can’t reach on a personal level, who are also tired of waiting for the next “hot tip” in the stock market and are in need of hearing about this. I wanted to create a means to get this message across and at least give them the chance to decide whether this is for them or not…

Hence the Truly Rich Club Blog was born.

What you can expect from the Truly Rich Club Blog

» Learn how the club can help you start investing in the stock market from any income level while starting from scratch.
» Give you deeper understanding of the club’s benefits from a member’s point of view.
» Provide useful tips on how to maximize your membership.
» Share practical personal finance advice.
» And a lot more


As part of the Truly Rich Club, Bo Sanchez helps you earn passive income by referring people to the club and receiving a share of their membership fee. I want to be upfront and inform you that the links on this site are part of that program.

However, as I’ve done in the past numerous times, I am willing to endorse the Truly Rich Club without the said fee. If this blog has helped you in any way, I’d appreciate if you’d click on the links on my site. But any decision is fine with me 🙂 Membership fee is the same regardless of your choice.

Affiliate link: Click Here
Non-Affiliate link: Click here (or type trulyrichclub.com)

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  1. Mae Walkom /

    Hello Allan I am looking at joining TRC, I live in Australia I am wondering are the recommendations to buy only “Phillipine” companies (stock) or are they international as well ? As I am looking on the net trying to find stock brokers here in Australia who have access to Phillipines stock but I am struggling to find, I am very new to this so am excited but nervous. Kind Regards Mae

  2. hi im rashed from tagum city, mindanao,pwede humingi ng mga guidelines kung paano mag invest sa trc offline?,

    salamat and God Bless

    • Franklin Mira /

      Hi Rashed!

      Franklin Mira here.

      I apologize for this unsolicited reply.
      I’m not sure if Allan is still active in maintaining his website. I was able to read and learn something from this site today as a current investor in Philippine stock market and as an affiliate of TRC a day ago I think TRC is a blessing to me just on time.

      Have you already started investing as well? If not yet, I suggest you click the links on this website and join TRC and you will be equipped with all the things needed to start investing. I’m doing this just to payforward for the learning I gained on Allan’s site today. ?

      • Allan /

        Hi Franklin,

        Thank you very much for the wonderful feedback! I really appreciate it. MOre power to your investments.


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