Stocks Update Review: A Beginner’s Guide to what makes Truly Rich Club work

What you’ll learn:

 How a total beginner start investing in the stock market (From any income level).
» How the Stocks Update can help you BUY LOW and SELL HIGH – again and again.
» How you can reduce risk, increase profits and make money work for you via the Strategic Averaging Method (SAM).


But first… watch this.


Cool, huh!

Okay, so what does Mission Impossible have to do with Bo’s Stocks Update?

Well aside from the fact that “mission impossible” it is what most beginner’s feel about earning in the stock market, it will give you a better understanding on what it is about and more importantly HOW TO USE IT PROPERLY.

Here it goes.

The mission given to Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) represents the Stocks Update of Bo. It gives the context of what the stock market is doing (in layman’s term), what stocks to invest in, when to buy and sell them.

But just like any task, information is useless to someone who doesn’t know how to use it. So just as important is the ability to use it and apply the correct strategy. That’s the reason why it was given to Ethan. He had the capability to apply the right strategy to get the job done. Thus, making the information given to him extremely valuable.

So in this review, we’ll discuss

1. Information – Stocks Update
2. Strategy – Stragetic Averaging Method (SAM)
3. X Factor – The one simple that will fast-track your investing.


1. Stocks Update 101

Truly Rich Club Stock Update Intro

Personally, the Stocks Update is the main reason why I joined the Truly Rich Club. There are simply TOO MUCH information around about investing in the stock market, not to mention the numerous “hot tips” circulating that ends up making you lose money.

I want something simple, focused, and more importantly easy to implement. Nothing I found accomplished that more than this chart below

Stocks Update April 2012

It’s sort of like the “stock market in a box”. It has several components:

» Stock – Tells you what specific stock to buy.
» Current Price – What the current price as of publishing is. This varies, so you have to check the price prior to buying or selling.
» Buy Below Price – Stop buying the stock when it goes beyond this price
» Target Price – Sell the stock when it reaches this price
» Action to Take – Suggested action based on the current price as of publishing.

I’ll dive deeper on how to use this information properly when we talk about strategies.

The Stocks Update uses easy to understand terms to explain why these stocks were selected by the Truly Rich Club. But just like any stock market advice, you can’t just follow them blindly. Do your own research to verify the analysis given. Personally, I find the analysis given is pretty spot on.


This is a mentorship NOT a collection of “hot tips”.


Bo Sanchez starts off each Stocks Update report with a friendly reminder/caution depending on the temperament of the market.

When the market is going stagnant or is in a decline, he would advice you to keep investing in the stock market. Piling up assets while they are cheap. When things are moving up (fast!), he would caution against over aggression and buying at an expensive price.

Other than giving specific investment tips, this is when mentorship is most felt. When your long-term financial well-being is put first.

The Stocks Update could be summarized as “Stock Investing with a Soul”. It is unlike the sharks you see depicted in movies about wall street. It is aimed for the every man to have a chance to increase his financial well-being from whatever income level even while starting from scratch.


How is Stocks Update delivered?


The Stocks Update is delivered twice monthly via your e-mail address. It is also downloadable as a PDF file.

For certain situations, Bo will send an urgent BUY/SELL/HOLD e-mail on top of the two regular monthly Stocks Update e-mail he sends. It allows you to take advantage of certain market changes or avoid unfavorable shifts in it.

Buy Alert - Truly Rich Club

It would be nice to have a SMS signal available for those people who don’t have access to the internet for most of the day.


2. Strategic Averaging Method (SAM)

Now that you have the information, what do you do with it?

So this next section answers the questions:

» How often should I purchase stocks?
» How much should I invest when I do buy?
» How do I use the BUY BELOW PRICE and TARGET PRICE?
» What to do with my profits from the stock market?
» How long should I do this?

Here is the SAM Quickstart Guide (c/o Truly Rich Club’s Mike Vinas):

SAM is short for Strategic Averaging Method – this is the passive long-term investment strategy we
follow to profit in the stock market.

Here’s how it goes:

A. Invest small and slowly.

Invest comfortable amounts. Don’t invest big chunks of money all at one go. Invest small amounts regularly to get good opportunities to buy at low prices when stock prices are down. In other words, invest small amounts to get good average prices overtime. This concept is known as cost averaging.

Like what Bro. Bo suggested before, if your money is smaller than P300,000, divide your money into six parts, and invest each part for the next six months. On the other hand, if your money is more than P300,000, divide it by more than six parts. Perhaps by 12 parts and invest each part regularly.


B. Buy at Buy Below prices.

For each SAM stock we recommend, we have what we call a Buy Below Price. This tells us when to
buy that stock.

As long as the price of that stock remains lower than our Buy Below Price, we continue to buy regularly (every month, every quarter, or every week).


C. Stop buying when prices go beyond our Buy Below price

When the price of a SAM stock goes higher than our Buy Below Price that means we should stop buying.

However, if the prices of our SAM stocks go back lower than our Buy Below Price this gives us a signal to start buying again.

We want to be buying at Buy Below prices because we want to buy at attractive prices or valuations. On the other hand, we stop buying when prices go beyond our Buy Below Price to avoid buying at high priced valuations.


D. Wait for the Target Price. Sell when the Target Price is hit.

The Target Price is a projected future price of a stock that we believe the stock will go to or go close
to given the performance of the company. This price is used by brokers to estimate the potential growth of a
company considering a 1-year point of view.

So after accumulating shares at Buy Below prices, all we have to do now is wait.

Like tea that we steep, or wine that we store over time, we wait patiently and let time coupled with the
company’s consistent good performance drive up the price to our Target Price.

As soon as the market price of our SAM stock hits or gets close to our Target Price, we sell. This
means that we’re selling our shares and we’re locking in our profit.


E. Reinvest to other SAM stocks.

Use the money you made from selling a SAM stock at our Target Price and reinvest it, buying shares
of our other SAM stocks that are still priced below our Buy Below Price.

By doing this, you’re compounding your previous profit with the potential profit you’ll be making
with this new SAM investment. It’s like rolling-over a time deposit in the bank.

You do this long-term—for 20 years or more!


3. X-Factor


You are now equipped with the right STRATEGY to take advantage of information presented by the STOCKS UPDATE. But there is one more crucial ingredient in the mission that is often neglected…

Remember the line?


You may have the strategy and the ability to access the information. But should you fail to act on it, it is all for nothing.


The ball is in your court. If you think this is something that will really help yourself, I highly encourage you to take a closer look at it by joining the Truly Rich Club. Take advantage of the one month money-back guarantee. Download everything you can on the first month, if you’re not satisfied, you can ask for a refund and keep everything you downloaded.



Now over to you!





Do you have a question about the Truly Rich Club? An experience to share? Just drop your comments in the section below!


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  1. Hilo, im gerardo im an OFW here in Riyadh, ive been always listining and gathered info. regarding investment from your good truly rich club.I already signing in and i recieve a bank acount to buy the 52 healing DVD. I just want to ask if after i buy that DVD what will be the next steps? or what will happen after that?

  2. Mila Rethmieier /

    Im so amazed with how Crystal CLEAR you have explained everything here. No more, no less , just the impotant basic facts.
    You have shared your know-how with your head and with your heart.
    You are very sincere, you dont talk like a greedy salesman or you dont talk like other intellectual
    who uses high tech words, to impress.
    I can feel that you really wanted to share and help people to join the TRC for us all to enjoy an abundant life , to USE to help other people too that will give us a meaningful life that will please GOD at the end. I pray that there will be more Bro. Bo Sanchez on this earth ! Hope you will not change ! I only really really wish that I have known you or encounter your teachings 20 years ago, . . . All the best ! I will surely include you in my prayers !

    • admin /

      Hi Mila,

      Thanks for sharing this genuine and heartfelt comment. The kind words are truly appreciated. Bro. Bo Sanchez will surely hear about this. God bless you!

  3. You look familiar?! :) Was googling on Bo Sacnhez’ Stock Update, read this blog entry and turns out it is you!

    Signing up using your link!

    • Hello “Stranger”!

      Thanks a lot, Min! Long time no hear :) It was a pleasant surprise the morning I saw your name when you joined TRC! :) Welcome2x hit me anytime when you have questions.

  4. cherie /

    Hi sir good day!
    may I ask if I subscribed to TRC what should be my next step to do. I really interested to join stock market with Mr. Bo Sanchez but I don’t really have an idea regarding how to start stock marketing. Please guide me so as I can easily apply for it. Thank you and God bless you!

  5. nelia g. demesmaeker /

    more than willing to learn and be a part of the “army” … more than willing to be a sharer of God’s love!

  6. April Mariano /

    Hi there,
    Im very keen to join trc but the problem is im here in UK and I may be not going home soon to personally send my application but I really wanted to start investing with the market now. Can you please shed a light with this?

    • Allan /

      Hi April, membership in TRC is virtually online. There is an option for international members when you click on this link Truly Rich Club. If you’re concern is opening a COL Financial account in order to start investing – you may watch this video on how to open a COL Financial account that I did with Ms Joey of the Truly Rich Club.

  7. vicky /

    Sir , Tanong ko lang kung ung5k investment every month ay mawala kapag nag crash ang stock market like recession in US.a lot of people lost all their retirement fund.I mean my investment will be lost or just thegains? Thank you po

    • Allan /

      Hi Vicky! Thanks for the comment. Stock market offers potential returns as it has for a lot of the long term investors out there and also for the members of the Truly Rich Club. Having said that, reward is always related to risk. The higher the reward you want to gain, the more risk you have to take. Hence with your question, you are asking if your principal will be safe if the market crashes and only the profits will be eaten up – the short answer is NO. Your principal is not protected and is subject to the rules of the market. So kung bumaba ang market maaring pati yung principal makain din.

      BUT!!! you might be referring to the 2008 crash of the market, people only lost all of their funds if they SOLD BECAUSE OF FEAR at the worst time. If they DIDN’T SELL during the crash and left their money in the stock market, they would have got all their money back and more.

      There is a lot to know about the stock market and I highly encourage you to take a look at the Truly Rich Club for proper mentoring and guidance :)

      • claire /

        Ask k lng po ulyricgusto ko mgpamember sa truly richclub kso walang bdo bank sa place namin at wala rin aqng credit card. Pde po po ba thru lbc nalang.thanks

  8. Mark Dominick /

    Good day Sir! Ask ko lang po, student pa lang po kase ako, and I’ve been looking alot of information about truly rich club cause I wanted to invest in stock market as early as possible. How much is the minimum cash required in order to follow Bo Sanchez strategy? Cause you said that he send two stock updates per month, so does it mean that I should buy the recommended stocks immediately when he already sent it to me? I’m just asking, I have savings, but not that much since I’m just a student. Sorry for the wrong grammar. Thank you!

    • Allan /

      Hi Mark!

      Appreciate your feedback! I’m really happy to hear that you are starting so young! I really like what you said here “I wanted to invest in stock market as early as possible.” Time is indeed your biggest asset. :)

      Having said that, the Truly Rich Club guides to you to properly invest your money CONSISTENTLY in the stock market over a prolonged period of time. Since you are still a student, you might find it a challenge to but stocks regularly if you are not year earning any income.

      But do feel free to e-mail me at and let’s dive deeper into your situation and maybe we could come up with something that will maximize your savings for the moment :)

  9. Rosana /

    I’m interested but need further guidance. I need to join TRC, but when I want to start to invest I need COL Financial as my broker? another membership?

  10. Isiah /

    Hi Allan, 2 questions! if i’m buying stocks worth 10k monthly and there are months where most of the companies recommended by SAM is going up (current price is going up) shouldn’t I lower my budget for that month? say 7k? and if the companies recommended by SAM are down low should I increase my budget so I can buy more stocks at cheaper price? say 13k? just wondering :) thank you!

    • Allan /

      Hi Isiah!

      That is a very interesting observation. There might be plenty schools of thought regarding this but let me give my 2 cents. The point of the Strategic Averaging Method’s (SAM) strategy to invest a fixed amount (Php10,000 in your case) at regular intervals (monthly) is for you to actually buy MORE shares when the market is down while you buys LESSER shares when the market is expensive. For example, you can buy 100 shares of Ayala Land if it’s priced at Php100/share (Php10,000/100). If the prices go up to Php110, you can only by 90 shares (Php10,000/110). If the prices go down to Php90, you can buy 111 shares (Php10,000/90). In the long run, you’ll be getting stocks at a cheaper price because majority of your shares will be bought at a cheaper price.

      By adjusting your investment monthly, you’re starting to play on a slippery slope, you may adjust it according to the market trend but how would you know how low or how high it can go? If you lower your investment to Php7,000 because you think it’s expensive, what if it skyrockets the next day? Your price today would have been considered cheap isn’t it? You missed Php3,000 worth of opportunity to invest in that stock. No one really knows what the market will do in the future. Hence, it would be best to be consistent and spread your eggs in different baskets that in the long-run will bear fruit. Hope this helped you a little.

  11. ojie /

    Hi Sir Allan,

    just a newbie here I joined TRC 2 weeks ago while waiting for my pword from COL and last Friday I started on buying stocks. I split my 5k on buying the minimum shares per stock. I’m just wondering; is it ok to split the 5k in 3 companies or should I just concentrate in 1 company and buy its share for 5k? btw I watched your interview with mam joey and she said they have a forum website for TRC members only. May I know the site please. Thanks in advance.

    • Allan /

      Hi Ojie!

      Welcome to the Truly Rich Club! I would suggest you spread your Php5,000 around 3 companies. You can divide that into 3 companies in one month or alternate between these companies (i.e. Php5,000 to company A, next month Php5,000 to company B and the third month is another Php5,000 to company C then repeat this cycle with company A the following month). These are your options. Don’t invest all your funds in one stock only.

      With regard to the private “FB” of TRC. Just login to your account and you’ll see “Exclusive Social Site for TrulyRichClub Members” and just click enter. If you have any other questions, feel free to comment here or email me at Thanks!

  12. Hi Allan,

    I’ve seen some of your videos and found your website. This is very informative. I got encouraged to try subscribing to TRC. When will I get the username/password? I’ve already seen that the membership fee has already been deducted from my CC account. thanks

    • Allan /

      Hi Richie! Thanks for the kind words! I’m sending you an email. Please check it out :)

      • Hi Allan,
        I’ve been reading your blog and I find it informative that is why I’m so excited to be part of TRC and can start investing. I just apply for my membership yesterday and at the same time I have sent email regarding with the payment and some details required. I just want to ask if when I can receive the confirmation. Do I have to wait for 4 days for verification of my payment? I’ve already seen that the membership fee has already been deducted from my bank account same day with my application. It would be great if you email me back. Thanks.

        • Allan /


          I’ve already sent you an e-mail. Kindly check. It normally takes 4-10 business days for them to verify the payment. Rest assured that they’ll do their best to give you access ASAP.


  13. Sir Allan,

    I have my COL-EIP with 5K monthly funding for Long-term investment. However, I want to take a higher level of investing (another 5K) in which I will decide to buy and sell (for long-term also) on my own using Truly Rich Club SAM Table – Hope to be member soon..:) Is it advisable to leave 5K for COL-EIP and add 5K for buying & selling stocks on my own OR better convert EIP to SAM. Thanks. Nolan

    • Allan /

      Hi Nolan!

      Thanks for the the questions, Nolan. I’m glad you’re investing in your financial future. If you know what you’re doing with your own investment (non-SAM stocks), it would be prudent of you do continue that and use the additional funds to invest in SAM stocks. Some people to that to compare the returns they get from the Truly Rich Club. If you’re unsure of you’re own investing, personally, I’d suggest you stick to SAM stocks. These stocks are cherry-picked giant companies that analysts have determined to be undervalued. :) Hope this helps.

      Email me at if you have any more questions. :)

      God bless!

  14. Arlene /

    Hi Allan,
    I am interested in investing in stocks and found this blog informative and useful. I live abroad and I can only do this thru internet. Is this purely online? Regarding the investment amount, are we going to use this amount to buy and sell stocks? and how are we going to earn on a monthly basis on the stocks?
    Thanks, Arlene

    • Allan /

      Hi Arlene!

      Appreciate the kind words. Yes, this is purely online, unless you choose a membership plan that entails dvds etc, these items can be shipped to you as well, even abroad. The membership fee is for mentorship through the Truly Rich Club, a separate amount is allocated for your stock investing. Stock market investing is best approached via a long-term mindset, thus monthly earning is not guaranteed. :) The power of stock market investing will be felt when you put your money in it for years, decades where it will give a superior return compared to savings account, time deposit and treasury bills. I think this post will help you better understand the power of long term investing :)

  15. hi sir, im already investing to 5 Companies our Sam Table but im confused on how to monitor my stocks. Brother Bo recently said that we should not invest more than 15% of our total portfolio in one company, how can i know if im doing this?
    Thanks. :)

    • Allan /

      Hi Mai! Thanks for the comment. What stock broker are you using? Is it COL Financial?

  16. Trent /

    Just curious why JFC and BPI is not included on SAM table? Also after reaching the target price and selling your shares, does this certain company will still regenerate on the SAM table so we can start buying again for those companies?

    • Allan /

      Hi Trent,

      The SAM Table is carefully analyze by Bro Bo’s mentor at TRC. The inclusion and exclusion of companies are done through thorough analysis. JFC and BPI were part of the SAM Table before. Immediately after hitting the target price, the stock of course is removed from the SAM Table but it doesn’t prevent it from being included in the SAM Table at a future time. :)

      Hope this helps!

      • Trent /

        Yea, that helps a lot, :) Thank you so much! I was just curious about it coz they’re one of the biggest companies. Now I fully understand why :) thanks

  17. Hi Allan,

    Good day! I just opened my account with COL last Monday and funded it today so I am just waiting for my password to get started in this very challenging business. With that I am planning to join TRC to have a guidance :) I wondering if you can help me out in figuring a way to pay TRC aside from using credit card or cheque, say bank transfer through BPI. Please enlighten me. Thank you very much and God bless.

    PS. I sent you an email this morning 😀

    • Allan /

      Hi Darleth!

      Great to hear from you. Are you based abroad? You can deposit via TRC’s BDO account.
      For cash deposit, minimum payment will be for 6-month membership (you’ll be given 10% discount).
      You also have the option to pay for 12-month membership for a 20% discount.

      Please click on this link to join. You’ll be given instructions
      on the complete payment instructions once you sign-up.

      God bless,

  18. jenny rose /

    Im interested to join trc but I cannot fully understand how to gain profit and how will I join and how much will I pay for the subscription? How much money should I invest per month? I appreciate if u can send me feedback!if all things are already clear to me ill be joining your team soon. Thanks!

  19. hi allan, just to let you know that i just sign up a membership about 10 minutes ago and up to now i didnt receive any feedback. It sez that it will take a while to verify the transaction,I dont know until when, but will a receive a response thru email. I lived here in california and i pay it thru my credit card.

    thank you.

  20. Marky /

    Hi Allan,

    I just recently visited the TRC website and have plans of subscribing in the future, this is very interesting and I want to know more about this. I have received a confirmation for receiving an updates, and it mention thete that I can have the free eBook be downloaded for free, however, I haven’t receive any links to download it. Can you send me one please? Thanks and more power.

  21. Hi, ung membership fee for truly club lng un? Iba pa ung invest? Sample gusto kong mag invest ng 5k

  22. Philip /

    Dear Bro. Allan

    I have a question, Let us say I’m a member of TRC and I’m buying stocks for 5k every month. After a year, I gained only thousand plus or let’s 2 to 3k only. Now, For 1 yr I paid 5k for a membership of TRC, Looks like I spent more money for a membership than earning from the stock. Will you please tell me something if I’m really gaining? Hope you can clear up my mind and thank you so much.

    • Allan /

      Hi Philip,

      Thanks for the question. That’s a complete possibility. But you must consider a couple of things,

      1. A one-year performance is too short to judge whether your investments are going to become profitable, remember we are in it for the long run with the Truly Rich Club at least 5-10 years. You could gain 30% one year and 1% the next, it happens. Just like what happened in 2012 and 2013 in the PSE index. But in the long-run the stock market is the best financial instrument in terms of returns. You have to judge it over a longer time horizon.

      2. TRC is more than just about the Stocks Update, you get free ebooks, Power Talks from Bo Sanchez, Wealth Strategies Newsletter to help you with business and entrepreneurship, it’s a learning process. Some lessons there could change your life. Something that can be considered priceless.

      TRC doesn’t guarantee the profit, no one can really do that but TRC will be there to guide your through the market’s ups and downs.

  23. theresa rivers /

    Hi am theresa,
    Id like to ask something im a member of trulyrichclub..tanong ko lang po kasi nakapag invest na ako ng 5thou lamang tapos di ko na po nadagdagan for some reason at di rin po ako nakapag try sa stock market bale wala na ba yon salamat.

    • Allan /

      Hi Theresa,

      Hindi naman mawawala ang pera mo. Buksan mo lang ang stock broker account mo online at makikita mo ang pondo mo dun. Saang stock broker ka nagopen ng account?

  24. Hi!

    I have the same query as Marky of July 31, 2014. I haven’t received the pdf file too. I have carefully read other responses as well and like what someone had just said, I’m a student, I also wanted to start as early as soon as I got handful information. But basically, I feel that the puzzle of information was not really yet in my full understanding. I’m still in a careful research. I wanted to be enlightened more. How can a student like me, who also has an income in a form of allowance and other sidelines as well be able to really invest in a stock market? How many incremental investment should I invest in a month? And should it be that always consistent every month should I invest? Or whatever I can invest with a passive earner student like me?

    It seems that I feel ambitious joining the club but I felt I have to transcend and go beyond the box of my soon to be skill which can let me gain my own hardworked money starting in the next few years.

    That’s it! Advanced thanks for the response!

    • Allan /

      Hi Bhen,

      Being ambitious is good. You’re taking advantage of an asset we can’t replenish ==> Time.
      You’ll have more time to compound your money.

      Ideally, you’ll want to invest a fixed sum at regular intervals (i.e. monthly, quarterly etc.) on a specific
      number of stocks. This is popularly called the PESO COST AVERAGING.

      With Truly Rich Club, we take it a little further, we
      give you the Stocks Update that recommends what stocks to buy with a BUY BELOW and TARGET PRICE which are
      derived by careful research from COL Financial’s analysts. Now, there is always risk when it comes to the stock
      market and this methodology reduces such risk and improves your chances of profit but it’s not guaranteed.

      I’m not sure if you’re in a position to join TRC since it’s really targeted for people who are already generating
      income from work or business. You might want to have your parents or older siblings to join and you can ride on
      their membership. :)

      Hope this helps.

  25. Daniel Buenaventura /

    Good day Allan,

    Tanong kolang wala bang lifetime membership ang TRC? Much better kung may Lifetime membership Fee ,like kay J3 Patino, may monthly pero may Lifetime membership ka ,Just to pay the full fee?


    • Allan /

      Hi Daniel,

      Great to hear from you. Unfortunately, there isn’t an existing option for that. I’ll keep you posted on my blog if such an option is available.


  26. Hi Allan,

    Thank you very much for your work. After reading a bit about TRC and scoping their website out, I am very keen to join. However, I have a few questions before I do.

    1. At the time I am posting this, August 2014, are the information they’re giving to their members still up to date and relevant?
    2. Are you still making profit from Bro Bo’s advices?
    3. Will you, after years of being a member of TRC, say that being a member is one of the best things you’ve done?



    • Allan /

      Hi, JC!

      It’s great to hear from you. Let me answer your question:

      1. Yes, they are giving up to date information constantly. There have been recent upgrades in the stock recommendations they gave in preparation of the bullish expectations for 2015.
      2. I would not endorse it if I didn’t experience profit first-hand, because that’s the only way I can openly promote such a product :)
      3. Yes, I would. I’ve tried doing it on my own while still working at a bank and I was just left frustrated. It was fortunate that a fellow seminar attendee referred TRC to me, I’m very grateful to him for doing so because that’s the time I started to see consistent profit from the stock market. I want to be that person to refer you to TRC too.

      Hope you can join us by clicking here.. Please let me know if you do join and e-mail me at, I have a special freebie for my affiliates.


  27. Hi, what if I have already an account with one of the online stock brokerage their in Philippines, would I still be allowed to be a member of TRC?


  28. Michael /

    Sir pano po kung ng invest nko sa stock market ng matagal tapos ayaw kona ituloy kc di ako ngkakaprofit?pano ko po makukuha ung na invest kona sa stock market?

    • Allan /

      Hi Michael,

      You just need to sell your stocks and withdraw your funds. Are you with COL Financial?

  29. hi,
    I’m an answered half of my questions about investing in stock market. Now i’m really interested to join the club because first I really have a trust with Bro.Bo and second I find it so interesting and challenging.i read and watch about buying and selling stock markets without any idea how it works,but now it’s clear to me.So,I hope you can guide me on how to start and everything.

    Thank you…

  30. Hi!

    Just want to ask about the truly rich club membership,are there different membership options or is it just the Gold membership plan?

    Hope you can answer my comment and thank you in advance!

    • Hi Bianca,

      There are numerous options actually depending on your goal. Gold and SuperGold memberships are mainly for those interested in the stock market. There are also Diamond, Platinum and Titanium memberships that are mostly for entrepreneurs.

      You can check them out here –>


  31. Hi Allan… Good day… I’m an OFW here in UAE I’m a fan of Bro Bo, I love reading his books, I always wanted to join TRC. I’ve seen some of your videos and found it very informative. I’m interested but need further guidance, I don’t really have an idea regarding stock market. In case I will join TRC how much will I pay for the subscription, will I send my payment thru bank transfer? How much should I invest? Do I need to invest per month? Regarding the investment are we going to use this to buy and sell stocks? Hope you can guide me because I really want to start and be one of the TRC member… Hope to hear from you… More power and God Bless

    • Hi Avie!

      Cool to hear from you! You can join by clicking this link

      You can see all the benefits of the Truly Rich Club and
      at the bottom you can choose between Philippine and
      International Resident.

      Membership can be paid via

      1. Credit Card – Monthly
      2. Can Deposit / Remittance – Minimum 6-month membership (with 10% off) / 12-month membership (20% off)

      You also have a 30 day money back guarantee.

      How much you should invest depends really on you. You should invest money that you can afford to lose.
      A general rule of thumb is you must have at least 3-6 months worth of expenses set aside for emergency fund
      before investing in the stock market. You’ll reduce the chances of withdrawing your funds from the stock market
      for emergencies.

      You need to invest regularly – it can be monthly, quarterly etc.

      Yes, these investments are going to be used to buy and sell stocks. :)

      Hope this helps and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

  32. Hi,

    I’m interested on joining the TRC. I also want to learn on investing on the stock market. I would like to us, for example i invested 5K, is it mandatory that i will fund my account monthly with 5k?or i can fund 3?2? or higher? Hope to hear from u..thanks and God bless!

    • Hi Rovi!

      Nope, you have the free will of course to invest how much you want. It would be best if you can invest a fixed amount regularly especially if your going to follow the Truly Rich Club’s advice. :) There is a specific strategy to follow but you won’t be forced into investing any amount.
      Looking forward to have you with us. Please do use this link when signing up to avail of exclusive benefits from me on top of TRC’s newsletters, ebooks etc. ==>

  33. Mark Espinosa /

    Hi Allan,

    I am planning to be a member with TRC next month, and start with the gold membership, I am working here in UAE and want to invest my savings on the Stock Market, I’ve watching all your videos in youtube and learned a lot of things about personal finance, I dont want to work here forever. Should I register with COL Financial first or TRC? or both at the same time?

    Thanks for your time and godbless you

    • Hi Mark,

      It’s great to year from you and thanks a lot for watching the videos.

      I would suggest that you open an account first with COL financial before joining TRC. That way, kapag nakuha mo na ang stock picks ng TRC pwede ka na agad mag-invest.

      You can join TRC using this link when you’re ready :)


  34. Mhayk Capacio /


    I just want to ask how to be a member here in TRC? By next week, I am going to deposit 5K thru COL for me to be able to have an access in stock market.

  35. Carlo Nunez /

    Hi Allan,

    I truly appreciate all your efforts (and Bro. Bo’s) to help persons like me to be more financially literate and to have well-informed decisions in stock market investing.

    Soon i will be joining the Truly Rich Club as a member, and looking forward to a happy and fruitful stock market investing, under TRC’s mentoring thru the Stocks Update. Like you, this is the main reason i want to join TRC. You articulated it so well when you said, “There are simply TOO MUCH information around about investing in the stock market, not to mention the numerous “hot tips” circulating that ends up making you lose money.”

    Just like you, “I want something simple, focused, and more importantly easy to implement.”

    My name is Carlo, an OFW. I am planning to invest in the stock market thru Citiseconline. (As per TRC’s recommendation.)

    I am interested in attending COL’s free seminar on Easy Investment Program, and eventually open an account. I am going home to the Philippines in December this year. I have been looking at COL’s schedule but it is showing only up until November. May i kindly know if you have any idea when’s the schedule for the seminar/s in December?

    Appreciate your kind response.

    Thanks and best regards,


    • Hi Carlo,

      I really to appreciate the kind words! I hope you can join the Truly Rich Club soon too.

      I haven’t found any schedule for December yet. May I ask when you’ll be coming back in


      • Carlo Nunez /

        Thanks for the prompt response, Allan.

        I’ll be in the Philippines on the first week of December until the 31st.

        My plan is to engage in the seminar as soon as i arrive there in Manila, coz i have to be in Bacolod (my hometown) just before Christmas.

        In case COL doesn’t have a schedule for December, would it be possible for you to coach us?(i could ask some friends and relatives to come along, too.) That is, if it’s not too much to ask of your time.

        You may send me an email:

        Many thanks in advance,


  36. Good day sir allan,

    May tanong lng po ako katulad ko plan ko mginvest sa stock at mgjoin dn ako sa truly rich club, for example meron po ako 5k monthly na iinvest sa 3 diff. company base dun sa suggestion na ipapadala nyo kng member na ako sa TRC tapos ung 3 company na un dalawa dun ung wla na sa suggestion nyo..kailngn ko po ba pumili na bagong stock na bibilhin at d ko na aantayin ung 2 company na un na msama dun sa mga topic nyo?

    Maraming samat

    • Hi Jorge,

      Thanks for the question. The stocks recommended by the Truly Rich Club appears in the SAM (Strategic Averaging Method) table. There are normally 2 ways when a company gets removed from the table:

      1 If it hits the TARGET PRICE, thus you can sell the stock and get your profits. You should re-invest the capital and the profit to another stock as suggested in the SAM Table.

      2. The analysts may deem that the stock might not be able to reach the TARGET PRICE for a reasonable amount of time and may suggest you to HOLD or SELL the current stock. If you choose to sell, you might want to re-invest the proceeds to another stock in the SAM Table.

      Either way, you must stay invested in the stock market to reap it’s full benefit :)


  37. Hi I’m joemarie and I wanted to join brother Bo’s trulyrichclub how can I contact them? Is there a number where can I contact them, I already sign up for stock market, I hope you can help me. Thank you so much.

  38. Hi May itatanong po sana ko kasi I still can’t decide. I was planning to invest soon in the stock market pero nalilito po kasi ako ang first choice ko kasi talaga is yung EIP ng COL feeling ko po kasi yun ang bagay sakin dahil wala akong time para i-monitor ang market at hindi po enough ang knowledge ko about this field at medyo limited lang din po ang money na pwede ko iinvest like if in times my emergency I can skip to buy stocks base sa program na to kaya eto po ang napili ko. Actually po I was just getting ideas by watching the past episodes of pesos and sense and then I heard about TRC at dahil sa kakabrowse ko ng net about the stock market i’ve read about SAM. Ano po ba ang advantage ng SAM sa EIP parang parehas din po kasi? Thanks and more power po sa inyo. -Jeo

  39. George P. Gesite /

    I already completed the required documents and form.
    Saan ko po i-send? postal mail or personal? Tnx

    • Hi George!

      You can submit it to:
      COL Business Center
      2403B East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Rd. Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605 Philippines

      You can do it personally or via courier. Any will do. If you’re near their office, you may want to call them
      up to pick-up your documents. This is their number – Customer Service Hotline
      (+632) 6 515 888


  40. AJ Odon /

    Hi. I just had my COL account opened. Is it recommended to start investing this Christmas season? All of the shares are, i think, on high prices. I am planning to be a member of TRC to jump start my investment. :)

    • Hi AJ,

      Great to hear from you. Actually, according the the latest SAM Table, now is a GREAT time to invest in the stock market as almost all of the stocks recommended are under the Buy Below Price.

      Get access to the SAM Table (under the Stocks Update newsletter) by joining us here

      Merry Christmas!


  41. Hi Allan, I happen to see your blog while surfing the net. I am wondering if you could help me out. I’m planning to join TRC and invest in the stock market but here’s my scenario I’m jobless for almost a year now but I’m planning to hopefully start a business soon and I’m still living with my parents so my basics are covered.

    I have some savings in the bank and I wanted to invest in stocks asap to take advantage of it while i’m still young and to fight the inflation. I feel kasi nasasayang yung time na nakalagay yung savings ko sa bank. Should i still proceed and start investing or should i wait until i have positive monthly income to support it? Thanks.

    • Hi Alex,

      Personally, I would prioritize creating an income stream first. I understand that your parents are helping you cover the necessities of life but it would be prudent to create a positive cash flow first to ensure continuity when implementing the SAM strategy. You can only fully realize it’s power if you can invest in regular intervals and without the proper cash flow, you might find that difficult.

      I wish you well in your business venture and please do keep in touch via if you’re ready to jump on board.


  42. Hi! I’d like to subscribe on the SuperGold-International but the link provided for payment seems not secured.

    • Hi Leigh,

      Great to hear that! What prompted you to say that, so I can point this out to the concerned party.


  43. Hi Allan,

    How can i join the TRC through Silver membership? Is this still available?


  44. yhanie /

    Hi Sir Allan! I am planning to join citiseconline and Bro. Bo’s Trulyrichclub soon. But I’m confused. :-) What kind of membership do I need to join? And what about the payment for the membership? Is it one time only? Kindly enlighten me. Thank you so much! :-) God bless you. :-)

    • Allan /

      Hi, Yhani!

      Happy new year to you! The entry level is Gold membership, you can find out the details here ->

      Membership can be paid via

      1. Credit Card – Monthly
      2. Can Deposit / Remittance – Minimum 6-month membership (with 10% off) / 12-month membership (20% off)

      You also have a 30 day money back guarantee.


      P.S. I’m giving away a special bonus tutorial – a step by step (screen by screen) tutorial
      on buying stocks with COL Financial using Stocks Update exclusively
      for my affiliates. To become an affiliate, pls join TRC using this link.

      • yhanie /

        Thank you so much! Your blog is such a big help. I am looking forward in joining the club soon. Happy new year and God bless. :-)

  45. brian /

    Hi allan, i have a question about COL financial membership. Is it ok if me and my friends can send the requirements for membership in just a single courier all tovether? Or is it done individually? And do you have any idea for how long will it take? Lastly,i am planning for a 6month membership in TRC,how can i avail of the 10% discount? Because i dont have a credit card. Thanks

    • Allan /

      Hi, Brian!

      I believe you can send it all via courier. I don’t think there is a problem with that as long as all your requirements are complete.
      It’s pretty quick really, I just opened an account for my wife and I believe it just took them a couple of days to e-mail her the account number.

      Regarding TRC, you may join it via this link –> You can avail of the 10% discount by depositing your payment to their BDO account. The amount to be deposited will be computed for you on the same page where the account number is located.

      Hope this helps!


  46. Please guide me how to join in TRC, 100% i want to join with bro Bo.

  47. Hi Allan, the payment method of trc thru cash. Can I pay to different branch or do I really need to go to that branch? I want to subscribe. Its just like I am coming from Cavite and I don’t have a cc. I am now planning to invest, but I need to know much more. I already read the simple guide on investing in stock exchange ebook from JP Patino, read a lot of blogs. I am really interested on SAM. But I need to learn more. And deep inside my mind that I need to join trulyrichclub . thanks

  48. Hi Im Rhye,

    I just registered in TRC today. I am excited. However, I’m also afraid because I already opened an account at COLFinancial and bought stocks that I’m not really familiar with. You think you can help me still with that?

    • Hi Rhye,

      You have a couple of options, 1) You can of course hold on to them 2) You can sell them and transfer the stocks to SAM recommended stocks. It’s really up to you what’s the more comfortable decision.

      If you’re uncertain about what to do with those stocks or how they will perform, you may want to sell them and use the proceeds to buy SAM recommended stocks.

  49. Hi..first and foremost, thank you for this very helpful blog. It is very very informative.

    I read all the comments and reply. But maybe I missed the part if someone asked you already about, “who will buy the stocks by the time I want to sell it? Do I look for a buyer? Are there always a buyer? Or will the broker help me? or the company will buy it back?”

    Also, I am based abroad, but can I buy the TRC’s Gold Membership at Philippine resident rate? 500 is still 500. Of course, we all want to save.

    Appreciate your response. Thank you.

    • Hi Pink!

      You’re very welcome and thanks for the kind words.

      With regard to selling, you can just put your sell order with your broker and they (broker) will match your order with a buyer who’ll buy at your price.

      The rates for Philippine based members are special rates to allow more people to join TRC given that the earning rate here is lower compared abroad. Having said that, there’s really no barrier for you to use the Philippine rate.

      Hope this helps :)

  50. Hi,

    I am already a member of TRC and doing stocks for almost a year now on COL. Now I want to get my 16 and 13 year old kids started in stocks. Is there any age limit for opening an account in COL? TIA.

  51. ferdinand Autentico /

    How could i start joining the club as a first timer?
    Very unique strategy that you offer. What is my start to join this club.
    hoping to guide me about this TRC.

  52. Jessie /

    sir… lifetym membership ba ito or annual membership yung 499 and 999?.. kasi gus2 q sumali sa club na ito

    thanks . . .

    • Hi, Jessie!

      You can join by clicking this link

      You can see all the benefits of the Truly Rich Club and
      at the bottom you can choose between Philippine and
      International Resident.

      Membership can be paid via

      1. Credit Card – Monthly
      2. Can Deposit / Remittance – Minimum 6-month membership (with 10% off) / 12-month membership (20% off)

      You also have a 30 day money back guarantee.

      Hope this helps and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


  53. Tina Gurrea /

    Hi Allan. I am very much interested to invest in the stock market for my retirement. As a newbie, I wouldn’t know how to handle my finances. If I open an account with COL and invest P5000 a month, could they handle my investment for me, say they do the buying and selling, re-invest the interest for me? Incidentally I haven’t read the book, “My maids invested….” Surely these maids had someone handle their money for them.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Tina,

      That’s a great question. I think this video will best answer them
      How to Invest in the Stock Market


      • Thanks so much for sharing with me Video 1 and 2. I can’t wait to sign in already, even if I haven’t seen Video 3 yet. You are a genius, you make stock market investing sound so simple and awesome. Still learning the trade as this is something new to me, but definitely TRC is the way for me. Thanks!

        • Hi Tina!

          Great to hear from you! Appreciate the kind words. I’m glad I was able to make a small impact in your thinking about stocks. Please keep me posted of your progress and share your thoughts below the video :)


  54. jezer quitasol /

    hi tanongq lng po kng mag iinvest po ba aq sa stock market kelangan pa rin po ba na monthly dagdagan tnx po

  55. I just couriered my application to col and i am just waiting for my acct to be opened for me to fund it. Since im a beginner i need help in starting and understanding the stock market, can trc help me and when should i join?

    • Hi!

      It can definitely do that for you. You can try out TRC to be sure, it has a 30 day money back guarantee so you need not worry if ti’s not a right fit for you, you can ask a refund. You can try it out here –>

      I suggest you join after getting confirmation that you’re COL Financial account has been opened :)


  56. mel taylor /

    This post is very helpful! Its written like 2 years ago but it gave me clear understanding of TRC and the perks of being a member. I just have a couple questions. First, is it mandatory to have a minimum of 5k/month investment in COL financial? or can I have various amount investments per month? Like 2k on the second mo, 3k on the following mo. ? Second, will I be paying a monthly premium if I subscribe to TRC? Your reply will be greatly appreciated. kindly email me please. God Bless Sir

  57. george henry legaspi /

    good day sir,

    i just have this i don’t know if it’s a stupid question or something. are,,, and are all just the same or is a legitimate site and the rest are just phishing site? Next question is, can i just use fund transferring through online banking to pay truly rich club or i really have to take some leave just to pay via deposit since i don’t have credit card yet?

    thanks. please do reply to my email.

    • Hi George,

      Great to hear from you. is the main site. I can’t really vouch for the other sites but I believe they are affiliates of the Truly Rich Club. This means that they also link to the Truly Rich Club eventually, as members we all have a special link that we use to share the Truly Rich Club and earn a modest commission from doing so. I believe the other sites are created by members to share TRC to their readers.

      I’m also an affiliate, you may join TRC via my link If you do decide to join using my link, kindly send me an e-mail at for a special bonus.

      If you have a BDO account, I believe you can do an online funds transfer to TRC for your membership. This will count as cash deposit. The minimum payment if you’re going to pay using cash deposit is 6 months membership (less 10%) or 12 month membership (less 20%). You can only avail of the monthly plan if you’re going to pay via credit card.

      Another way you can do it is to have someone, do the deposit for your here in the Philippines and just do online fund transfer to your friend/relative.

      Hope this helps!

  58. How much is the membership and if this have and expiration thanks

    • Hi, Chris!

      Glad to hear from you. You can join by clicking this link

      You can see all the benefits and membership fees of the Truly Rich Club
      at the bottom where you can choose between Philippine and
      International Resident.

      Membership can be paid via

      1. Credit Card – Monthly
      2. Can Deposit / Remittance – Minimum 6-month membership (with 10% off) / 12-month membership (20% off)

      You also have a 30 day money back guarantee.

      Hope this helps and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


  59. Hi Admin Allan,
    I read through the comments here but still vague on where am I to go now. I already completed the TRC application and pending to pay the membership for international residents. I wish to deposit to the peso account. Once I received the confirmation via email on my payment, will i be guided on what to do next? like how to buy stocks and others.

  60. Hi Allan!

    I am an OFW, need to invest and learn about TRC. I believe with this investment and will soon change my life and experience financial abundance.
    Few inquiries I need to ask, in case I want to stop working abroad, can I use the money/profit that I have invested in stocks? like emergency or personal expenses perhaps?

    or if ever I want to stop investing on stocks, will i be able to use/withdraw my funds?
    Appreciate your response bro..Thanks!

    Great blog allan! Godbless!

    • Hi, Dex!

      Thanks for the kind words. With regard to your question about the profits from stocks, the best way to make it grow is to re-invest it again in stocks. Ideally, you should create an emergency fund first. This is 3-6 months worth of your monthly expenses for unexpected occurrences such as accidents or home repairs. Also, it would be best to be protected with life and health insurance to protect yourself and your family.

      Having said that, you can withdraw your funds from stocks anytime.


  61. Diana Catindig /

    I’m really interested.I signed up but not yet deposited my membership fee..I’m quite confused with the process.I have some clarifications. Thank you

    • Hi Diana,

      What are your apprehensions? I’ll try my best to help you with them.


      • Diana Catindig /

        Kapag po ba nagdeposit nako ng fee. What would be the next proceess? How will it works?



    good day! I want to be a member of truly rich club of Bro. Bo & eventually invest in the stock market. Is there any tutorials for the beginners on how to invest in the stock market? my email add:



    HI Allan,

    Good day. I am an OFW here in UAE. I want to join the truly rich club & eventually invest in the stock market. Is there any guidelines / tutorials for me as a beginner in investing the stock market? you can email me:


  64. SolMira /

    Sir Allan, Good Day.

    It’s me again I joined already the TRC and I would also like to open a COL account. I already checked the application from for COL application and I noticed that there’s a column for primary holder and secondary holder. Is it necessary for me to have a secondary holder..?
    I also have another question. If I will apply personally, does it mean I don’t need to have a billing statement as a requirement?

    Thanks and more power!

    • Allan /


      Congrats on joining TRC. :) Nope, you don’t have to have a secondary account holder – that’s optional.

      I believe the a billing statement is only required for non-appearance. A friend opened an account just last week
      and was not required a billing statement upon submitting her requirements at their office. If you have
      any other questions for COL Financial that needs immediate attention, you may reach their office at 651-5888.


  65. joy jasmin /

    Hi good evening. Im from the philippines and very much interested to join. Do you also have a discount for phil subcribers? I also sent a message with my email address on how i cn attend the free seminar in makati, would you know how long it will take before I will be contacted? Thank you so much!

  66. roselyn /

    Have a nice day..tanong ko lang po kailangan b n monthly mgdeposit s colfinancial ng 5k? I’m planning to join.
    Pls. Send your reply in my email ,
    Thank you very much..

  67. hi admin! pwede kang ma contact personally? gusto q tlagang mag join sa Trc! thank you

  68. Hi! I already have a COL Financial account and I am likewise interested in joining the TRC. Do I have to cancel my COL account before I join the TRC?

  69. helen e lucas /

    Sir, I am 60 yo what you can recommend for stock investment. Is it ok for one year subscription only at 5k monthly. Wait for the growth of my investment maybe after five years to get the investment return

    • Allan /

      Hi Helen,

      Great to hear from you! May I ask if you are still working or running a business?

      One year subscription is fine with TRC (with 20% discount). You can join here.

      Php5,000 a month is ample enough. Just make sure that you have the pre-requisites prior to investing such as
      creating an emergency fund (3-6 months worth of your living expenses) and the necessary protection (i.e. life, health insurance)
      especially if you’re a breadwinner of the family.

      Hope this helps!


  70. Jose Nino A. Dizon /

    Sir..i am working here in UAE..aside from billing statement ano p ibang pwede alternative?la nmn kasi binabyaran n bill dito kasi libre lahat ng company ang accomodation.

    • Allan /


      An alternative would be to use the billing statement of your landlord where you’re staying. You just need an authorization letter from him stating that you are indeed the one residing in the address registered in the billing statement.

      Hope this helps!


  71. jesus ferrer /

    Good day Allan. have read ur post sent and may i be cleared with the ff. queries. 1.what are the different TRC membership.How thus it differ from one another in terms of cost/ information given / advantages of membership for entrepreneur. Am really interested to join TRC thru you but am a newbie in the stock market.Also pls inform if gains derive from stock market thru COL FINANCIAL are already taxed. Much thanks

    • Allan /

      Hi, Jesus!

      You may see all the benefits of TRC via this link –>
      There are a couple types of entry-level membership – Gold and SuperGold.
      The difference lies in the fact that you get DVD versions of the seminars and talks in the
      SuperGold membership while you get purely online content from Gold.

      With regards to COL Financial, the transactions are deducted for sales tax while dividends are
      given net of the 10% tax.

      Hope this helps!


  72. April /

    Hi admin,
    I already subscribe to TRC. Can I have a year subscription or 6 mos so I dont have to renew it every month? Also am i going to receive stocks update by my email

    • Allan /

      Hi April,

      It’s great to hear from you. Yes, you can change your payment plan to semi-annual or annual.
      May I ask what plan are you currently on? Gold or SuperGold? Philippine or International Resident?

      I need this so I can compute your payment for you. There’s corresponding discounts on this change of plan.

      Yes, you’ll receive the stocks update via e-mail. May I ask when you started with TRC & what’s your user id?


  73. Jamica /

    Hi! I would like to ask kung pwede bng sumali ang isng student sa TRC khit wla syng trabaho? :)

    • Allan /

      Hi, Jamica!

      Strictly speaking, pwede naman sumali sa Truly Rich Club as a student.
      The thing is, to successfully implement TRC’s style of investing, you will
      need to have a consistent cash inflow to buy stocks.

      It doesn’t have to be a big amount – you can start with just Php5,000.
      Also, opening an account with a stock broker requires TIN.

      If you have a lump-sum you want to invest but doesn’t have the consistent
      cash flow yet to invest regularly, you may want to start off with pooled funds
      such as mutual funds / UITFs. You can learn more about them here at

      Hope this helps!


  74. Hello Allan,

    I’m from Cebu City, i’m planning to invest in stock market and use COlFinancial as my online broker and join the TRC.

    Will that be okay if i will create an account on colfinancial first and buy stocks later until i officially member of the TRC? Will TRC able to guide me on which stocks to buy first on my very first transaction of ColFinancial?


    • Allan /

      Hi Jhen,

      Nice to hear from our friends in Cebu!

      Yes, please feel free to go ahead and open a COL Financial account first.
      Once, you have an account, you can join using this link Truly Rich Club here.

      Let me know if you push through with your TRC membership and let me know
      your user id so I can send you exclusive bonuses for my affiliates.

      You can also reach me via

  75. Hi Allan,

    I’m Lyn, from Cebu City. Two years ago, me and my husband planned to invest in stock market, but did not pursue yet because of lack of knowledge on how it works. Thanks to all the information you are giving thru your email’s, blog & videos, because last week i’ve already subscribe to TRC Gold! Now i have the confidence to invest in stock because I know TRC is there to guide me.

    Thanks to you

    • Allan /

      Hi Lyn!

      That’s wonderful to hear. You’re most welcome!
      I’m just glad my content was able to help you make the leap.

      Please let me know how I can help you more by e-mailing me


  76. Nikki Paz /

    Hi Allan,

    I chose the Gold, and accordingly there are price options, if i am to choose the P2,683 for 6 months does it mean that I have to pay 400+ every month? Will I be a member right after I pay the 400+? Thank you.

    • Allan /

      Hi Nikki,

      Once you make the 6-month payment, you don’t have any monthly fee to
      pay anymore. You’ll have to renew your membership after another 6-months

      Hope this helps!


  77. Nikki Paz /

    Another thing is, is there a need for me to invest in COL financial to have a full access to TRC? Once I paid my first installment payment can I invest right away?

    Thank you :)

    • Allan /

      Hi Nikki,

      TRC & COL Financial are separate entities. You’ll need to
      open separate accounts with them. They can be used hand in hand
      but it’s not necessary to open an account with one to activate the

      Hope this helps!


  78. Nikki Paz /

    Can I contact you personally so that I can fully understand TRC? There are lot of question in my mind actually and I really want to become a member of TRC — here’s my email address:

    Hope to hear from you soon :)

    Good speed :)

  79. michelle /

    hi! nagsign up n ako sa trc but havent made my payment yet and i’m planning to open an account at bpitrade para makapagsimula.. bago lng ako sa stock market, pag nagbayad n po b ako ng trc membership tsaka ako maka2receive ng guide kung saan ako dpat mag-invest? thanks

    • Allan /

      Hi, Michelle!

      That’s right. The StocksUpdate is available for members of TRC :)
      Once you make your payment, please email me your user id so I can help
      follow-up your membership account activation.

      You can reach me at


  80. Reygie Avenido /

    Sir Allan good day po bago lng po ako sa TRC,I’m here in Korea pwede kaya sa pinas ang gamitin Kung address sa pag apply ko ng col financial account at papano ba mag apply ng col ACCNT at ano ba dapat Kung gawin.salamat god bless

    • Allan /

      Hi Reygie!

      Yes, pwede mo gamiting ang address mo sa Pinas hangga’t ito’y nakapangalan sa iyo o sa magulang / kapatid mo. Ito
      ang proseso ng pagbukas ng account sa COL Financial at TRC.

      Pagbukas ng COL Financial Account:

      1. You can check the requirements here:

      2. Send a scanned copy of your requirements to &/or
      for them to check the completeness and correctness of the forms
      prior to sending the hard copies to the Philippines.

      Also, you may inquire if there are any restrictions applicable to you
      based on your location. Just to be safe.

      3. If you have the go signal, you may send the hard copies to
      COL Financial Group, Inc. c/o Mabel Roque
      2403-B East Tower, PSE Centre, Exchange Road,
      Ortigas Center, Pasig City, 1605, Philippines

      4. Wait for an e-mail from them regarding the activation of your
      account and funding instructions for your account.

      5. Once you fund your account, you’re good to go!

      After you have an account already, you may join TRC.

      You can join by clicking this link

      You can see all the benefits of the Truly Rich Club and
      at the bottom you can choose between Philippine and
      International Resident.

      Membership can be paid via

      1. Credit Card – Monthly
      2. Can Deposit / Remittance – Minimum 6-month membership (with 10% off) / 12-month membership (20% off)

      You also have a 30 day money back guarantee.

      Hope this helps and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


  81. lydia /

    Hi Alan, I have heard about the truly rich club since few yeas ago and it sounds really interesting. May I know if this is only for filipino because I am Malaysian who currently working in Saudi. I am just curious and would like to get more info. Thanks.

  82. Beth /

    Hi sir allan , like to start to open an joint account on col financial thru the guidance of TRC . Ok lng ba na i will be the primary acct .. eventhough i dont have a source of income only savings and my husband who is working is the secondary acct .. Actualy ako lng ksi nag pa member sa TRC .. Medyo busy si hubby sa work so much more ang time ko to do research and read stock updates ..

    • Allan /

      Hi Beth,

      That would be fine. You can be the primary account holder with COL Financial. Nice to know you
      guys are working as a team.


  83. mark /

    how many is the current member of truly rich club?

    • Allan /

      Hi Mark,

      Great to hear from you. I’m not privy to the exact number as this is not publicly stated by TRC. I believe it’s in the thousands.


  84. john /

    Hi Allan,

    Good day.

    Please kindly answer the ff. question:
    1. how many members are there currently in TRC?
    2. Do TRC have a limit on the number of members?
    3. Thus TRC has license to operate this kind? or maybe not required.

    Thank you

    • Allan /

      Hi John,

      Thanks for dropping by! Here’s my answers:

      1. I’m not privy to the exact number as this is not publicly stated by TRC. I believe it’s in the thousands.
      2. There’s not limit to it as far as I know.
      3. I believe a license is required if TRC will handle the investment for you. They are simply giving advice on what stocks they believe will make for good long-term investment. The decision is up to you to follow still.

      Hope this helps!


  85. john /

    hi allan,

    let us say your portfolio can earn (as per J3 patino comparison) 17% p.a. / 12 mons. is only 1.4% p.m. you need to have at least 40,000 initial investment to overcome the 497 mon. pay of TRC and you are just earn very little if you are a member of TRC.

    • Allan /

      Hi John,

      We’ll have to look at it from a couple of angles:

      1. Time Horizon: If you’re looking at it in a purely monetary perspective then starting with a small capital using a 1 year period as basis, it may appear that your trc investment may not pay off. You must ask yourself – what’s your goal for your investment? Do you plan on investing only for a year & withdraw the funds? Or Are you in it for the long-run? I believe that if you extend your time-horizon 5-10 years you can see that the monthly investment in TRC is quite minimal. Just like any business venture, when you’re starting off, you don’t expect returns for appox 3 years. Also, TRC isn’t only about stock investments, you get access too powerful talks form Bro Bo Sanchez (talks that companies pay Bro Bo to share to their employees), Wealth Strategies (how to money & grow your money), Ebooks, Mentorship videos etc. You can see all of it here – When you actually see what you get, Php497/month is a bargain.

      2. Expense vs Investment: Expense tends to have a notion of instant gratification & waste (“gastos lang yan”). Investments tends to have a long-term view, similar to planting seeds, where you don’t necessarily immediate returns but you know you’re moving in the right direction.

      I highly encourage you to try joining TRC for 30 days & see if it’s a good fit for you. It’s not for everyone but the best way to know if it’s for you is to give it a try. If it’s not, you can get a full refund within 30-days.

      Hope this helps!

  86. Romel /

    Good evening Sir Allan,

    Let me start by saying that the threads here are very informative specially for newbies like me.

    I just opened my account with COL Financial and I am interested in joining TRC. I would just like to ask, what is the difference between the TRC Gold – Philippines and TRC Gold – International? From the TRC website, they have the same contents and the same price. Because I am an OFW based here in the Middle East, does it mean they will shoulder the shipping cost if I join the club? Or was it just typographical error? Please clarify. Thank you.

    • Allan /

      Hi Romel,

      Thanks a lot for the kind words. The regular price of TRC is the one you see in the international pricing list. The price for the Philippine market is discounted to compensate for the relative difference between out purchasing capacity. This is in order to allow more people from our country to invest in stocks with TRC’s guidance.

      P.S. I’m giving away a special bonus tutorial – a step by step (screen by screen) tutorial
      on buying stocks with COL Financial using Stocks Update exclusively
      for my affiliates. To become an affiliate, pls join TRC using this link.

      • Romel /

        Good evening Sir Allan,

        So Sir does it mean if I join the TRC Gold – International, the 497 pesos a month subscription will include shipping to my present location (Middle East)?

  87. Mae Walkom /

    Hello Allan I am looking at joining TRC, I live in Australia I am wondering are the recommendations to buy only “Phillipine” companies (stock) or are they international as well ? As I am looking on the net trying to find stock brokers here in Australia who have access to Phillipines stock but I am struggling to find, I am very new to this so am excited but nervous. Kind Regards Mae

    • Allan /

      Hi Mae,

      Great to hear from you! It’s only for Philippine stocks only. You may reach to inquire on how you can
      get an account opened to invest in Philippine stocks & how you can of course withdraw your funds should you choose to cash in.


  88. Beverly /

    Hi Allan,

    Hope you’re keeping well.

    I started investing in stock market a month ago and I’m also a TRC member. Since stockmarket is a longterm investment, I’m slightly confused about the selling of the stocks if this should be a longterm investment. Pardon my ignorance, I thought when I buy a specific shares of a company (for example ALI), I wouldn’t need to sell it in years. Sorry I’m still learning and catching up. Hope you can enlighten me.



    • Allan /

      Hi Bev,

      Great to hear from you. TRC uses a system called Strategic Averaging System. It’s a mixture of the strategy
      you talked about (buying & holding) while considering market factors to determine if prices have reached it’s peak.

      You’ll have to view your portfolio from the big picture. Let’s say you have total investments of Php50,000. Should
      one of your stocks (MEG) reach it’s target price – from Php10,000 to Php12,000, you’ll sell that stock & re-invest it in stocks
      listed in the SAM Table. So you’ll be losing your MEG shares buy you’ll be buying a share like URC. Your money still
      stayed in the stock market, it’s just a matter of shifting your funds to the stocks that has more upside.

      Think of it as elevators. MEG has reached the top floor & has no room to grow unless it goes down or we build additional floors (
      which will take time), what we’re going to do is just leave the elevator & go to another one on the same level but has the ability
      to go to higher floors. We’ll do this repeatedly & hopefully have the sky in our view :)


  89. Marian Sampaga Gnanasekram /

    Ask ko lang po, pano ko ba malalaman kung member na ba ako ng Truly rich club, every month meron akong deduction sa credit card

    • Allan /


      You can visit & use your user id & password to login. You can find it at the upper right hand side of the site “member’s login”.


  90. Sir Allan Pwede ba magbayad ako ng subscription ko sa TRC thru BPI wala kasi ako
    BDO account. Kung credit card gamitin ko monthly subscription lang ba di pa pwede
    6 months or 1 year? Salamat

    • Allan /

      Hi, Lemuel!

      You don’t have to have a BDO account. Just deposit your payment to TRC’s BDO bank account.
      You can only use the credit card for the monthly payment. You’ll have to deposit/transfer to their
      BDO account the cash payment to avail of the discount for the 6 month (10% off) or 1 year (20% off) plan.

      Hope this helps!


  91. ruth sandoval /

    Hi Sir! ask ko lang po if pwede ba mag subscribe sa TRC for one year only..and also.i would like to invest in stockmarket but i’m only a sari sari store owner and my husband is an OFW..tnx and God bless..

    • Allan /

      Hi, Ruth!

      Glad to hear from you. Yes, you can definitely invest. The stock
      market doesn’t discriminate.

      You can join by clicking this link

      You can see all the benefits of the Truly Rich Club and
      at the bottom you can choose between Philippine and
      International Resident.

      Membership can be paid via

      1. Credit Card – Monthly
      2. Can Deposit / Remittance – Minimum 6-month membership (with 10% off) / 12-month membership (20% off)

      You also have a 30 day money back guarantee.

      Hope this helps and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

      P.S. I’m giving away a special bonus tutorial – a step by step (screen by screen) tutorial
      on buying stocks with COL Financial using Stocks Update exclusively
      for my affiliates. To become an affiliate, pls join TRC using this link.

  92. Pat Mandin /

    Hi Allan,

    Thank you for this update. I’m a newbie with the stock market but thanks to your blog, I’m now ramping up.
    Hopefully I will be able to open an account and join TRC this month.

    Do you also recommend BPI Trade? Or just stick with COL?


    • Allan /

      Hi, Pat!

      Great to hear from you. Any broker would do actually. It’s really up to your personal preference.
      I actually have accounts from both of them. Lately, I would say that COL Financial has given
      me a better user experience because of their robust research & convenient ordering (I can order even on weekends).

      Hope this helps!


      P.S. I’m giving away a special bonus tutorial – a step by step (screen by screen) tutorial
      on buying stocks with COL Financial using Stocks Update exclusively
      for my affiliates. To become an affiliate, pls. join TRC using this link.

  93. Glenn /

    Hi Allan,

    Regarding sa Peso Cost Averaging, if I decided to buy a shares every month and my question is pwede bang iba-iba ung amount kada buwan, let say 2000 pesos for the 1st month, 2nd month 1000 pesos naman, 3rd month 5000 pesos, 4th month 2000 pesos and so on? Kung baga hindi fixed ung amount. May difference or advantage ba between fixed amount or variation amount regarding sa return of interest?

    • Allan /

      Hi Glenn,

      Theoretically it should be equal amounts. But life happens, minsan hindi talaga kayang pare pareho. Just continue
      investing – creating the habit is very important. Here’s a video explaining the – Peso (Dollar) Cost Averaging

      If you don’t invest in equal terms, you’re taking a risk.

      Let’s say take this example:

      ABC Company
      January: Php20/share
      February: Php10/share
      March: Ph30/share

      Equal amounts (Php3,000 monthly)
      January = 150 shares (Php3,000/Php20)
      February = 300 shares (Php3,000/Php10)
      March = 100 shares (Php3,000/Php30)
      Total = 550 shares (Php16.36/share)

      Various amounts
      January = 150 shares (Php3,000/Php20)
      February = 150 shares (Php1,500/Php10)
      March = 150 shares (Php4,500/Php30)
      Total = 450 shares (Php20/share)

      You’re hoping that the months where you are investing a bigger amount are the
      times when the prices are cheaper. So if it doesn’t you get to buy fewer shares.
      Of course, it can work for you too. Kung yung month na malaki ang iinvest mo ay mura
      ang stock swerte ka. But as beginners, we don’t want to invest using luck. We want to be
      strategic & reduce uncertainty.


      • Glenn /

        You are right. I guess I will use the SAM by TRC. This way, I can be sure that I can gain more shares at lower price. Thank you Allan!

  94. james /

    Hi Allan! If for example I have 100K and spread it out in 6 parts as Bro Bo suggests (16K each) so I can invest each part for the next six months, what if on the seventh month (assuming the advise is to keep buying) di ko na kaya yung 16K and instead afford 10K nalang thereafter, is that okay? Are we still cost averaging? O dapat ba if I forsee na diko kaya yung 16K after six months, I should have invested 10K at the outset since theoretically we have to “invest equal amounts regularly”?

    • Allan /

      Hi James!

      I think this follow-up e-mail from Bro Bo will answer your question:

      If you invest a regular amount of P5000 a month, and you also have
      P120,000 cash (from the proceeds of the sale of AP, MBT, and MER), divide
      the P120,000 into 6—which is P20,000. So for the next six months, you can
      invest P5000 + P20,000 = P25,000 per month.

      Basically, if you can invest Php10k monthly as your base investment, just add the
      Php16,000 (Php100k/6) on top of it. So that’s Php10,000+Php16,000=Php26,000 for six months
      & Php10,000/month from the 7th month onwards.

      Hope this helps!


  95. Hi Allan,
    I’m new with stock market, but, i’ve already decided to open an account with COL financial and later on with TRC. My question is, is there any chance that i could open an COL account for my 8months old son aside from my own account? How? Thanks and God bless!

  96. HI Allan, I am investing at COL as COL Starter.. I invested to a certain company for scheduled date a month for about 3 years..I decided not to continue the 3 years scheduled buy date since I want to join truly rich club using SAM strategy.. what will I do with the EIP schedule I create? Do I have to open another COL account for SAM or use the same account?

    • Allan /

      Hi Ronelyn!

      Great to hear from you. If the EIP investments are doing good, just keep it. Do you have a specific target price to exit from
      your stock positions?

      You can use your existing COL Financial account to use SAM investing strategy.


  97. Please message me to my email :) THanks a lot

  98. Awesome explanations. I have been watching your videos and reading Brother Bo’s books about investing, and I just can’t believe that all this years I though that stock market is very dangerous to put my money on when it’s actually this simple as long as you have the heart to do it.

    I just opened a COL Financial account,and currently waiting for my TRC membership activation. Really Excited. :)

    • Allan /

      Wow! I’m excited for your investing journey. Glad I could play a small part in it.

      More power to you!


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